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DeafMUA is amazing!

About a month ago, I was on Facebook when a video popped up in this Deaf beauty group I'm a part of about a Deaf mua (make up artist) that posted videos in asl and of course, I had to go check out her Facebook page and instantly became a fan! I know some people think that all muas are the same, but that's just totally not the case!! Once I saw more of her videos and the really amazing looks she was posting, I just had to like her page and every video she posts is just amazing and honestly #goals! 

I really think everyone should be watching her videos, so I just couldn't stop myself from writing about her on here! Keep reading to see some of her looks:


As I previously said, I'm in a Deaf beauty group on facebook and someone shared one of her videos and I was so excited that I just had to go look at the other videos on her page and I was just absolutely in love! On her facebook page it says that her name is Marizol, which really got me even more excited, because not only was she a really talented and amazing make up artist, but she's also latina like me! I immediately became a fan and shared some of her videos with my best friend and told her about her so that she could become a fan too! 

Although, my day to day look is normally sans-make up and when I do wear make up, it's normally very light and natural-looking, I can't help but admire the almost effortless way she applies her make up. Make up is such a double-ended sword for me, because even though I love it and like to wear it from time to time, I just really lack the skills to put it on beyond a basic-level. For example, I'm not very good with picking out three different eyeshadow shades and blend them effortlessly, like so many people both online and irl seem to be able to do without a second thought. So when I see someone so talented, all I can do is admire their talents and wish I could do my make up as good as they do, in sha Allah. 

Her facebook page seems relatively new, from around march of this year, and while she does have a good amount of followers, I really feel like she deserves to be a much bigger name in the beauty community :3 I will post links at the bottom of this post to her facebook and instagram pages, so please go like them! 

Like, I'm sure most girls, I love to watch make up videos and follow a few make up artists online, but one thing that's made me a little sad since me and my Darling became a couple, is that even when he wants to watch videos with me, he just really struggles to follow make up videos. Not just because he's pretty clueless when it comes to make up lol, but partly because most are in spoken english without captions (or if they have anything, it's automated craptions), but he can watch her videos and follow what she's saying :3 Another thing that I really like is that her background is normally black, so my Darling, who's colourblind, is able to see what she's doing more easily than most make up artists who have pink or glittery backgrounds, which is very difficult for him since he can't see pink or orange. I just really love that we can finally share this little interest of mine and it means a lot that he can understand what she's doing and comment on different things and discuss them with me. 

While her facebook tends to be updated about two or three times a week, she's much more active on instagram, updating her story as well as posting new videos and pictures. She's very recently started a youtube channel too, which is so cool and exciting! I think it'd be so cool to see her do collabs in the future with big names in the beauty community like Jeffree Star or Brad Mondo :3 She might be a relatively new name, but I can definitely see her becoming a big influencer and make up artist in the future, so definitely look out for her in the future, in sha Allah!

Here is a link to her:


So now you have no excuse not to check out her awesome talent and like her pages too :p

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