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Kira Kira Crate: October :D

So, I got this month's Kira Kira Crate and was really excited as always~! This one came with some really good items, although at first, they appeared to be a little less amazing as their previous crates. Once I looked at the items over again and read the little magazine that came with it, I was pretty pumped to try it out!!! 

This month's crate came with a face mask, two acne-related things, a sponge that is oh TOO cute and a little eye cream for those ugly under eye bags :3

Keep going to read what I thought of each of the items:

The first thing that caught my eye was the kabuki face mask! I'm a huge fan of Kabuki and have seen every episode of Kabuki Kool on NHKWorld ;3 so imagine how excited I was when I saw the beautiful package!!! When I opened it, it had a nice, light smell, nothing too unique, just the usual smell most face masks seem to have, but the design was nice :D It had eyebrows, pink circles on the cheeks and the thick eyebrows. I put it on and it felt relaxing~ I wore it for about half an hour, and lol while I did take a picture of myself wearing the mask, it just didn't look as cute as I thought so I'm not going to post it lol. Afterwards, my skin felt really nice and moisturized, so I would definitely recommend!

The next item was an eye cream to help minimise the bags under your eyes :3

This is what it looks like out of the package:

I used it and while I definitely think it helped with the overall appearance, I'm not entirely sure if it actually helped or if I just thought it did, but I'm going to go out on a ledge and say it worked! Normally, the bags under my eyes are really big and more than a little noticeable, but after using this for a month, they really seemed to just disappear into my skin, something I'd been hoping for for a long time! I don't put it on in the morning, but instead put it on at night before I go to bed, since I think it helps it absorb into the skin a lot more easily. It doesn't really have a scent to it, but it does have a really nice cooling effect when you put it on, so that's definitely a plus!

The next three items, according to the little magazine, are supposed to be used together:

This is some foaming acne cream, it also doesn't have a strong scent, but it feels really nice when you put it on :3 If you've ever used any kind of foaming acne cream, you can guess how it acts: you wet your face with a little water and put a little on and spread it over your face and all your problem areas and it instantly foams up really nice and makes your skin feel like there are a hundred tiny brushes scrubbing at your pores. I've been using this every night and while my acne hasn't fully disappeared, it's visibly improved :) 

I use this with the next item:

This is a "Konjac" exfoliator, which is supposedly a fibrous root-looking plant. It says that you could get a possibly of three different exfoliators: original, charcoal or green tea and I think I got the charcoal one, since mine was black. I really wonder what the green tea one looks like!

When you first open it, it's very hard and feels a little like a rock, but after you get it wet and put some of the cream on it, it gets really soft and feels very nice! I really like how it doesn't suck up all of the cream or whatever you're using it with so you don't end up having to use a waaay lot more than you need! It also has a little string around it so you can hang it in the shower to dry. 

The last item is an acne bath salts package, which isn't just for treating acne, it actually says, 'this herbal brew is great for calming irritated acne, smoothing dry patches, and improving the overall health of your skin". I figured it would be a green colour given the package-colour, but it's actually a light blue colour with little clear crystals mixed in it. It does have a smell to it, but I really couldn't figure out what it smelled like, except that it was a really nice smell lol so I guess that's a plus! It feels really nice on your skin when you use it, and it really leaves you feeling soothed and relaxed~

What else can I say about this crate, except that I'm still in love with Kira Kira crate!!!

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