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Wow!! Paper Source is so amazing!!!

If you read my previous post from my first visit to Paper Source, you might remember that while I loved the products and was super excited at there being a stationery store so close to me, I wasn't very happy with the way they treated me when I went. They largely ignored me, except for when I went to the envelope area near the back and was wondering what size to get and being amazed at all the different sizes and colours they had, when both the employees suddenly came up on both sides and asked if I needed anything. I felt at the time as if they assumed I was going to steal something since the envelopes were near the back, and if I'm honest, that moment still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Other than that, they ignored me for the rest of the time I was there, even when I asked them questions about what certain things were for and when I struggled to get some liner paper down and I stayed away for a few months. 

But wow! I'm so glad I went back!! The whole environment and feel of the store has completely changed and I can definitely see myself going back on a somewhat regular basis just to see what new items they have or just to look around :3 It's become one of my favourite shops and I can't wait to go there with my Darling, in sha Allah~ though I'm sure he won't be nearly as excited as I was since he's not really into stationery lol. 

The first thing I noticed was how much busier it was! The last time I went, there was only one other person in the store, but since it's been open for a few months, I'm happy to see that people have found it :3 There were at least ten other people in the store, but it didn't feel crowded at all and everyone was looking around and doing their own things~ the whole feel was really relaxed and nice. 

Since it was a little after Valentine's Day, they had really cute decorations all over the store, including hearts, sloths and llamas. It was so cute and unique! I mean, how many other places would decorate for Valentine's Day with sloths and llamas? I loved it though and wouldn't mind getting some of those decorations for myself :P

I discovered the joy of lining envelopes the last time I went and even got a really nice kit that included every different envelope size they sell, which I thought was really cool since you don't have to buy another kit every time you want to use different sized envelopes :) Imagine my excitement when I saw they were having a saaaaaaaaaale :D Four lining papers for $20!!! Some lining paper can be around $12-15, so you know how much of a sale this was! 

I got two pieces of this gorgeous navy blue paper with glittery, holographic stars and two pieces of this beautiful japanese-style paper with water and flowers, and paired them with navy blue envelopes and a bright blue (think blue jay). 
The stars were holographic and changed colour when you moved them
I picked the middle paper! The design was so beautiful, it just grabbed my attention!

I was beyond excited!!!!! It was also really nice that they offered to hold the paper at the register so I didn't have to carry it around with me :3

Looking around, I was just in love with everything and it was like, everywhere I turned there was something else that I loved and was excited about x3 Which almost never happens! I'd been there before, but I was happy to see that they switched things out and new spots that they added to. 

They added a little section for sweets, which I thought was really interesting, but I didn't get any lol I'm really picky when it comes to sweets and when it comes to gummy bears, I only eat Haribo. 

I love their stamp wall, not just because of the different stamps, but because of all the different colours and shades of ink pads you can choose from! It's almost as if every colour of the rainbow was up on the wall for me to choose from and it was amazing! 

The ink pads and glitter and washi tape
The stamps and bottom view of the ink pads
Honestly, I was more than in love! I couldn't even imagine that there were so many options to choose from!

I really loved the glitter that you could use, but I wasn't really sure how to use it ^^; so I just looked.
Look at how beautiful this glitter is!!!!!
I liked that they had all these cute plushies to look at, but I really loved this llama:

It said that it would mimick what you said and I really wanted one. I love llamas and I thought it would cute to have one, but since my Darling is Deaf, it didn't really seem like there was too much of a point of getting one. I might go back and get it, but I don't really know. 

I also saw these really adorable avocado plushies:

they're smiling, because they're the good fat
Maybe it was because I'm newly engaged, but I noticed they had a huge area for wedding invitations and I was absolutely in love!!! They had a little table with a few books full of different options to choose from as well as a bigger table along the wall that had another book of options. I was totally in love with all the beautiful options and I found myself going page by page til I somehow got to the end without realising it. 

I also thought it was really nice that they had these little handouts that gave you an idea of when certain things should happen so you could start to create a timeline for your wedding so you don't get too stressed. 

Here are two gorgeous examples of their pages and every single option was just as beautiful as these two:

I loved how nice and friendly the employees were and I also loved that while they left you to look at things and do your own thing, they also came up to you and offered you help or engaged with you. It was nothing like the last time when I felt ignored, and it made the experience so much nicer :3 

Another thing I really liked was how sweet they were when they found out about my engagement and I loved how they were beyond helpful and understanding and I really loved that they seemed interested in my engagement in a way that didn't feel like they were just trying to make a sale. They even gave me a business card with both their names on it and told me that I could call any time to set up an appointment and they could help me with picking out invitations, place cards, rsvp cards and any other kinds of stationery needs I might have. 

Little booklet they gave me
I really loved how elegant and vintage some of their options were :3 The only problem I kept running into is that my Darling can't read cursive, which were the ones that I kept falling in love with! Since we haven't even started planning anything, there's plenty of time to discuss what we want for our invitations and pick one that we both like, in sha Allah. 

Another thing I really liked was how this time when I went to get the lining paper down, an employee came up to me to ask if I needed help getting any down without me having to ask! It was so helpful and made me feel really happy and also made me want to shop more :3 Something else that I liked different from last time, was how they asked me if I would like my things in one bag or in two different bags. Last time, they used a ginormous bag and another bag for the lining paper, but this time, they asked if I wanted it all in one bag which was really nice :3 I liked that I had a choice! The bag they used last time was just way too big and I really didn't like it, so it was a welcome change ^w^

I would definitely recommend going here for all of your stationery needs~! 

It's so nice and they make you feel comfortable and welcome and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, which is so nice! The prices also had a wide range so you didn't have to worry about your wallet dying, which is a real worry when you go to some specialty stores. If you're not sure, you can always check out their website, and see how you like their products and prices, but just know that (obviously) your local store won't have everything they offer online and might even have some special items that you don't see online. 

Totally check it out and see how much you like it :D

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