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Channy, A Truly Talented Artist!

A little while ago, I was scrolling through tumblr when I stumbled across a blog full of awesome art! The name? Blue Silent Artist! She's a young and amazing deaf artist who posts art in both digital and traditional art, as well as her own webcomic called Chronically Silent. The name hints at two aspects of her life: she's got type 1 diabetes, which is considered a chronic illness and is Deaf. As someone with hypoglycemia, I really love seeing her #actuallydiabetic memes and posts and the anime and cute animal posts are also nice :)

Although her webcomic is currently on a mini-hiatus due to a combination of life and being busy with school, when I reached out to Channy, the super talented artist behind the blog and webcomic, she told me that she is currently working on a possible new comic and will post it in the future, in sha Allah! And I'm sure I'm not the only one who's more than excited about her future comics, whenever they might come out x3 Her comics have a wide range of topics, from comedy, serious topics and funny/goofy comics and unlike some that seem to just have an invisible wall written through all of them and cause you to really struggle to read all the way through, her comics just seem to flow very easily and I find myself getting all the way to the end sooner than I expected. I always end up wishing there was at least one more panel to read, since it's so much fun! I think it takes so much talent in comic-writing and drawing to be able to do this, and I can only imagine how long it takes for her to draw such amazing and entertaining comics!
One of her funnier/goofier comics x3

Her comics are very beautifully drawn--the way she draws expressions is so good and one of my favourite things in her art. But not only that, but I also love how well all the colours in her comics just go so well together! It's just totally aesthetically pleasing to the eyes 😍😍😍 I also love how she posts about everyday life and struggles as well as video game-jokes (like how much she likes how the instruments in Zelda looks, but can't actually play any of them when the fairy asks) and silly panels like her cat blogging! Not to mention how clothes and hair are two of the hardest things for me, personally, to draw, but the way Channy does it is so amazing! I love how the clothes always look very realistic, while also being drawn in a comic-style!!! And the hair looks very much alive, almost like you could reach out and touch it! I can't express enough how much I love and admire her art-style, especially from someone who mostly draws chibis.

Something she mentioned in her first comic is that she's always had a passion for comics and becoming a comic artist as well as her love for magical girls! I think all girls can admit we've all been in love with magical girls since childhood and everyone has their own favourite--mine and Channy's is Sailor Moon. While Sailor Moon was such an empowering show for girls, since Usagi was unashamedly girly and also strong at the same time. One thing I always loved was how she wasn't afraid to cry and admit when she was scared, but always went forward and ended up overcoming everything in the end. In Channy's own words, "I can say Sailor Moon is my favorite magical girl. She's an amazing role model. She showed me how is it healthy to be emotional and determined.Also it is okay to be yourself... It really helped me with my deaf identity. English subs opened my eyes and there are possibilities of being deaf full time." As well as mentioning how Usagi being unafraid of being her own person and being herself helped her to decide to be herself, which is something I also understand! I think Sailor Moon is one of the biggest female role models for girls in the 90s!

Awesome fanart from Channy!
All in all, I think it would be well worth your time to go check out both her tumblr and webcomic and support her by liking and reblogging her art and sharing her comics for more people to see :D I can totally see her becoming a very popular and successful comic artist in the future, in sha Allah! You can just feel the feelings coming off of her comics and drawings and the way she controls the colours and tones is just amazing!!

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