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Young revert living the cutie life while trying to keep her heart as soft as possible, iA.

❤ About Me ❤

I'm Zahra~ a young, twenty-something revert living in the south. Growing up in a small town, I'm definitely a southern belle in a hijab❤. I probably bleed sweet tea lol!

I always try to have a balance between my muslim and mexican identity, although at times, it can be a bit tricky. Been muslim for four years, alhamdulillah and love my wonderful husband-to-be for introducing me to this wonderful and beautiful religion!!!

I'll be blogging about my experiences at shops and stores, as well as reviewing brands, movies, books and everything in between, as well as blogging about everyday life and issues that I feel worth sharing.

If there's something you'd like me to review or try, don't hesitate to comment and suggest it :)

Say masha'Allah and please follow~❤

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