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Cute Christmas Items at Walmart!

As some of you may know, Walmart is like a second home to me and I spend way too much time there lol! One of the things I love about Walmart is how cute and affordable their holiday decorations are and their Christmas decorations are something I wait for every year, and this year did not disappoint!! I'm not going to show everything my local Walmart has, but I'll show some of my favourites and include pictures so you can see how cute they are!!!

First thing's first, does anyone else love how it can be Halloween in one half of the store and then Christmas in the garden center? One thing I always love and look forward to is the giant inflatables that line the walls on the top of all of the shelves and displays in garden center! Another thing I love is the row of christmas trees that look like a section out of a mini-forest, and I love when they put a little boombox in the trees and play Christmas music~

Surprise Minion!
This year, my local store has put cute little Minions between the Christmas trees! How cute is that? They're almost two feet tall and super soft and cuddly, while still being strong enough to withstand strong winds or any kind of weather that might hit it. 

Something I love is how cute their ornaments are and how diverse the choices are, as well as how they have so many different price ranges from around $1 per ornament all the way to $20 for a pack. Normally, I get the cheaper ornaments, but I have also gotten some of the fancier ones, especially the Hallmark ornaments, even though I know those are on the more expensive side. I also love how the ornaments tend to be separated by colour so you don't have to back and forth between the aisles trying to pick the different ornaments trying to match them with one another! If you want all pink ornaments, they're all in one place, which is so convenient!!


This is my favourite section of ornaments!!!
This year, there were some really cute LED-lights that are shaped like either Santa Clause or a Snowman, and they're supposed to change colour. The only thing that made me a little unsure was that it doesn't have a normally plug, but instead is a "usb" light, so I'm really not sure how to use one. I thought at first that maybe it meant that you were supposed to charge it and then use it til its battery died, but I read the directions and it said it has to be plugged in the whole time. Honestly, even though it still seems very alien to me, the lights are so cute that I'm still considering possibly getting one, take a look and tell me what you think:

Aren't these beyond adorable???
I might go back and get one, because these are just too cute to pass up and with Walmart, I know if you don't get it, it'll be gone and might not be available next year. 

As a former dog-owner, when I saw this a-dog-able stocking, I just had to take a picture, since it's not just a normal stocking with a cute plushie on the top, but the dog's ears actually move and have jingle bells. 

It comes in two different colours, although neither of them looked like my dog :c but it was still super cute!

I did see this light up shih tzu, and while its "fur" was a lot longer than my furbaby, it made me happy to see it, especially since my dog was black and white :3 I've never used one of these before and since I currently live with my parents, I don't think I could even get one right now, but maybe in the future, in sha Allah!
Even though I've been muslim for four years, I still celebrate Christmas (maybe a little too enthusiastically lol) and honestly, can't imagine not celebrating it. One of the things I absolutely love and adore about my Darling is that even though he doesn't really understand what Christmas is, he knows that it's important to me and instead of judging me or trying to force me to give it up, he's accepted it. Not only that, but we exchange gifts every year (never on Christmas Day, but normally a little before or after) and hopefully this year, we'll make Christmas cards, in sha Allah!!! x3 I feel so blessed to have such an understanding and accepting partner, subhan'Allah!


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