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My Experience with Nurx

I think everyone has seen those ads online for Nurx, whether it's a video ad or a simple link, where it promises you a quick, easy and convenient way to get your birth control without the need to visit your doctor. And I'm sure that I wasn't the only one who was more than a little unsure about whether or not they should try it out, as well as wondering just exactly how it would work? Not to mention: what if your new pills don't agree with you? And most importantly: will your insurance cover Nurx? I decided to take the plunge and try it out, and this is my own personal experience below:

As I'm sure all of you know (or at least those who are women), there is more than one reason to use birth control: from hormonal disorders, acne, period pain and cramps, and PCOS, POI and PMS, just to name a few. I, myself, use it for both acne and hormonal imbalance, although if I'm being honest, I had no idea beforehand that birth control could help with either of those. 

I've been plagued with very awful acne for the past five years and no matter what I tried, from creams, solutions, washes, and even acne pills, nothing worked or even made any difference to my acne. I've also had a lifelong problem with my mood and being unable to control my emotion, especially with depression, anxiety and overall melancholy. Although I was a little unsure about using birth control for these two problems, my doctor promised that it could very well be the solution to my problems, and I was amazed when it just did that!! Everything was going very well til the doctor in my small town had hip surgery and suddenly, was only open for three days of the week and for very short hours a day. I couldn't seem to find a day when I could go in my check ups and my prescription expired and I really didn't know what to do! I was calling and calling, trying in vain to get an appointment, but it just wasn't happening and just as suddenly, my horribly acne and uncontrollable mood were back and I knew that I had to get back on my birth control as soon as possible. But how?

I recalled seeing those ads on facebook and decided to try it out, after all, what did I really have to lose? If it didn't work or my insurance didn't cover it, then I just wouldn't agree to anything.

I clicked on Nurx, and signed up for an account, and it was just as easy as they said:

You simply put your full legal name, your e-mail and make up a password and afterwards, it also asks for your phone number, so that they can communicate with you about your prescription, or any health concerns you might have. 

After you sign up, you will have to fill out information about any previous birth control you've used before and what uses you would like for your birth control (i.e. just for contraception, acne, etc.,). I put that I would like to use it for acne, although I don't remember if it asked about hormonal inbalance, since it was over three months ago. Then, you will get an automated message asking for a blood pressure reading and once you submit a picture of your current blood pressure, you will have to wait around a day before you get a response and then another two to five days before you are told if your request has been approved or not. 

My request was approved and I was sent a three-month supply of a generic version of my regular birth control, which I'm happy to say was covered by my insurance and I was more than chuffed when it came in a very discreet parcel that gave no idea of what was inside. Which was such a relief since my parents are very much against the use of birth control or any kind of contraceptives at all and don't believe that there is any other use for it other than as contraceptives.

However, recently, I'd run into a problem: 

As I've mentioned, I used birth control in the past to control my acne, but when I changed to the generic version of my old brand, I was really disappointed to find that my acne wasn't improving at all with this new brand. Not only that, but I noticed that my mood was extremely awful and that my depression and anxiety were sky-rocketing and making my life completely miserable. I also experienced very dark thoughts and at first, I didn't fully understand why my mood was so hard to control and why I'd become increasingly depressed. Then, I happened to have a late shift followed by a very early shift and I didn't take my daily pill and while it didn't drastically improve, I did notice a difference in my overall mood. I decided to stop taking my pills for a few days to see if this really was the cause behind my terrible mood swings and I was surprised to find that it was!

Despite taking a generic version of my previous pills, there seemed to be something slightly different about them that was causing me to become extremely anxious and depressed, and I knew that I needed to switch pills. So, I contacted Nurx and told them how I was feeling and that I would very much like to go to the non-generic version of my pills and I was so happy and surprised at how quickly they responded to me! 

I'm very happy and chuffed at how the situation was handled and I can happily say that I'll be a customer from now on, in sha Allah! And I would readily recommend anyone to use it if you want to get your birth control from a very convenient and easy-to-use service :)

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