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πŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ Lining Envelopes: Tutorial πŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I love snail mail and what's a better way to add a personal touch to your letter that's sure to be memorable in its own little way? Lining envelopes is a lovely little way to personalise your letters and make them stand out in a way that I'm sure will add a little joy in your day as well as whoever opens your letter!

I can assure you that lining envelopes isn't very difficult to do, and once you line your first envelope, you'll be hooked! Not only that, but it's so quick and simple to do that once you finish your first envelope, you'll have the hang of it and be able to finish a whole set of envelopes in no time at all!

I would also like to mention that this post is in no way sponsored by Paper Source, I just happen to really love their products and think it's so easy and convenient to use their kit, and I think their liner paper is much more affordable than other places I've been to. I would highly suggest you check them out! 

Liner paper is both gorgeous and affordable~❤

A while ago, I was looking around in Paper Source and happened to come across something called Lining Paper. Upon closer inspection, I was told that it was used to line envelopes or make invitations, and since I'd always loved looking at the fancy packs of envelopes that came pre-lined, I couldn't help but take a paper. It's around $10 per paper, each of which is pre-measured and cut, but each paper is at least two or three feet long and at least two feet wide, so it's plenty for a pack of envelopes and if you look out for sales, you can sometimes snag four for the price of two! 

Always be on the look out for sales!
 So, what will you need to line your envelopes?

  • One pack of envelopes (any size is fine)
  • A page of lining paper
  • Paper Source lining kit
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive Roller (I prefer Scotch) 
  • A pencil or pen to line around the liner size
All of these items are pretty easy and affordable and apart from the lining paper and kit, you probably have most of them already! The kit comes with seven different sizes (all of which you can easily find at Paper Source) and is $13.50, but since you only have to buy it once, it's a pretty good price and each size is made of very firm, hard plastic. 

If you look on the price tag on your pack of envelopes, you'll find the size listed above the bar code:
As you can see, my envelopes are size A2
After you figure out the correct envelope size, you simply match it with correct liner-size:

My envelopes are sized "A2" so I've found the A2-liner size
After that, it's time to get down to the real work: you then place the liner size on the liner paper, and using a pencil or pen, you line around the size so that the paper is the correct size to fit inside the envelope. 

I would suggest starting at the edges on the first ones that you line since it's easier to line the edge of the line size with the edge of the design.

I like to start off at the edges
If there isn't enough space on the liner paper to fully line around the size, don't worry: as long as the top part shows the design, no one will see that the bottom (which will be hidden inside the envelope) is blank! It helps get more liners out of the paper and get the most for your money ❤! 

 If you're a little worried about the blank part being visible, I would suggest trying one and then putting it in the envelope to test :) Although there is no need to worry: I've sent letters with a partly blank liner and no one was the wiser, since the half with the design was the only part that they could see!

You can get extra liners if you don't mind part of the bottom being blank
Once you've lined out all of the liners, you just have to carefully cut out each one, which will be a bit tricky since the liner paper is so long, but I like to cut one or two out, and then cut the liner paper all the way along one of the edges, since it helps with the extra weight and paper :) 

Just be careful you don't accidentally cut through another liner!

After all your liners have been cut out and are ready!
Next is the trickiest part: be careful in placing the liner in the envelope, trying your best to cover all of the lighter part of the inside of the envelope, the darker outline is where you seal it.

First, place it inside
Then arrange to cover the lighter inside, being careful not to cover the darker outline, that's where you'll later seal the envelope!
Once you've arranged your liner and you're satisfied with the way it looks, you need to fold the envelope like you would if you were going to seal it, and be sure to press down on the middle part where the crease is. This will help make the liner stay in place as well as give it a crease in the same place as the envelope. 

Once you open the envelope afterwards, you'll see the liner has a crease in the same place as the envelope
Then, take your adhesive roller and roll it around the edges of the liner paper as well as along the crease, this will help permanently affix the liner paper to where you've decided you want it to sit. 

Line the edges and along the crease
Finally, once this is done, you simply lay the liner back against the envelope and press it against the envelope by running your hand or fingers against the same edges that you've just put the adhesive on. Then, if you'd like, you can also fold the envelope again as you've previously done, I like to do this since it seems to keep the envelope from getting too stiff with the added liner. 

Then, the next step is quite easy: keep going and do all the steps again with the next envelope until all in the pack have been lined and are fully ready to be sent out into the world with your letters :D

One final step you can do, if you'd like, is to put all the envelopes back in the little wrap that it came in. This isn't required, but I find it helps me keep them all together so that I can pick which design I'd prefer without having to open them and check, and it also prevents too much clutter~

Nice and neat, all of my newly lined envelopes are together
I hope this tutorial was helpful :) If you'd like more tutorials and how-to's in the future, please comment and share!

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