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Remington Retro Pink Hair Dryer -- Cute AND Good Buy!

Saw this cute hair dryer gift set at work the other day and instantly fell in love!!! It was the perfect shade of pink, a nice pastel that isn't too hard on the eyes, and also came in a little carrying case. Also, as it was a gift set and Christmas was in the past, it was now half off! :D 

Here it is, in its case

The original price was around $30, but I only paid $15 for it :) Plus, I paid an extra $2 for a two-year warranty in case anything happens to it, so I can just get it fixed, although I doubt anything too rough will happen to it, as it's a hair dryer after all lol. The hair dryer itself is around 6x10 inches, and is very powerful, but not heavy, which is the perfect combination. 

the hair dryer with all of its accessories
The only complaint I really have about the hair dryer, is that it's quite difficult to get the attachments on and almost impossible to remove them! It was so difficult, that my dad could barely get it off and I'm a little nervous to ever use any of them again, because I'm scared it might damage or break the hair dryer! When my dad managed to get the Concentrator add on off, there was this awful and loud snap that scared both of us. Definitely use the add ons at your own risk!!

It has three different heat settings, but the second hottest setting is more than enough for anyone, I would really not recommend anyone to try to dry their hair on the hottest setting as it'd definitely damage and maybe even burn their hair. It also has a cool air setting, which is a given, but still nice. 

Lambie doing his hair

I was pretty excited to try it out and I am so happy to say that this little cutie totally didn't disappoint! On the second speed, it dried my hair in five minutes!!! FIVE MINUTES. This was better than I could've ever imagined and I can't tell you how happy I am to not only have this hair dryer, but also to have been lucky enough to get it half off ♡ 

This is a definite 10/10, would completely and whole-heartedly reccomend!!! When I bought it, all I knew was it was cute and a namebrand I recognised, however, I had no idea this was a limited edition hair dryer. I would definitely recommend trying to find one before they sell out, because this is by far and hands down, the best hair dryer I have ever used in my entire life. 

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