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Xyron Sticker Maker :) Fun and Easy!!

The other day at work, I noticed my boyfriend was having a little problem with customers understanding he was Deaf, and thought about how useful it would be if he had a sticker on his badge for customers to see when they went to talk to him and/or that he could just point to. I'd seen this little sticker maker at work for a while, but wasn't sure if it'd be easy to use. 

the Xyron sticker maker!
Since I finally had a reason to try it out and it was only $15 and said on the box "does not require heat, batteries or electricity", I decided to get it! I figured if it didn't work out, I could always try to find a sticker online. 

When I picked the machine up, I was really pleasantly surprised to find out it wasn't heavy at all and was really easy to carry even with one hand :) When I opened it, it looked pretty straightforward and simple to use: you simply print out the image you want to use, cut around it, put it through the machine and voila! Your sticker comes out done on the other side. It seemed simple, but things are normally never as easy as they seem, so I was still a little nervous. 
Since I bought it to make a sticker for my boyfriend's namebadge at work, I decided to make a small sticker, and since I'd never used this machine before and wasn't entirely sure I'd get it to work, it seemed like a good idea too. If I messed it up, it'd only be a little mistake lol 

I printed out the design I wanted and tried my hardest to cut it out as circular as possible, but it ended up a little wonky in the end ^^;! At this point, I really wondered how this machine that didn't use batteries or anything, was going to turn my little piece of paper into a sticker. 
 I put it in the machine, turned the little side handle and pushed it slowly through the machine....

And out came a sticker! :D

I was really surprised and amazed!! I couldn't believe it'd really worked! :333 

As I wasn't sure if it would work or not, I didn't tell my boyfriend, so I can't wait to surprise him at work in a day or two with his new "I'm Deaf" sticker badge! I'm sure he'll be happy and really surprised, and I'm sure it'll definitely come in handy at work :) Now when customers try to ask him where something is in the store, he can point to the little sticker :D

Now that I knew I could work the machine, I tried a bigger and funner design! My dad is a big anime and manga fan, but his all time favourite anime is Natsume Yuujinchou, his favourite character in it being Nyanko-Sensei (and who could blame him lol).

 Once I picked the right picture, I put it in the machine and as easy as 1-2-3, my dad's new sticker was all ready: 
Nyank-Sensei eating ramen

Overall opinion:
The Xyron Max is a super easy, convenient machine that makes stickers without any hustle or bustle at all! Not only is it easy, but there's no way to get your fingers or hair caught in the machine, so it's completely safe to use for both children and adults!

For $15, the price is also easy on the wallet and doesn't make you or your bank account cry when you buy it C: Something that's always a big plus for any purchase, but especially when it comes to diy, where the price can really quickly skyrocket. 

I would 100% recommend this machine for anyone who's looking into making customisable, and personalised stickers for themselves, family or friends.

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