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πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• Valentine's Day!! The best day of the year!! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

So~ this year was the first Valentine's Day we spent together :) Last year, we couldn't even get together, because of a tornado warning and heavy thunderstorm and flooding. Since we don't currently live together, we couldn't leave our individual homes and just talked on the phone :(

This year, however-- the weather was perfect! Not too hot, but not cold and no rain or natural disasters at all. Needless to say, we were both extremely excited and couldn't wait for Valentine's Day to come!!

I was so excited about the date and decided to look for a cute ( but modest!!) outfit to wear :) I found a really cute, pastel pink shirt with silver hearts and then went to try to find a skirt to go with it, I thought I'd found two potential adorable skirts! Imagine how aggravated and annoyed I was when I got closer and saw that these "skirts" were see-through and giant opening in the front of them! 

Where is the logic of even making something like this!? It really makes me angry that almost every nice-looking skirt always ends up being transparent or has giant slits or gaps in it? 

(I ended up going up with a pair of jeans, but I really wished I could've gone with the black floral skirt :c).

Cows across from the mall! πŸ„
On Valentine's Day, he came and picked me up at noon and our date had officially begun!

I'm not very good with street names, but I know how to get from point A to B, so we slowly began our journey to the restaurant :)

Our destination: Genghis Grill! Yum!!!

It's my favourite restaurant, but due to his second job and also since we don't live together, my husband has never been able to go with me before. Needless to say I was super excited and couldn't wait to see how much he liked it :33

We took some back roads and ended up driving by this giant field, and my husband was really surprised, he'd never been this way before and didn't know it was even there. So imagine his surprise and excitement when we got halfway through the field and my husband saw the cows and longhorns!!

He was super excited and flipped out! And was super smiley :) We took pictures and video of all the cows :3 It was definitely a highlight of the day, something we bond over is our love of nature, and my husband loves all things Texas-related and couldn't believe getting to see a longhorn! And he was really appreciative and touched that I'd had us take a certain route so we could drive by the cows too :) Unfortunately, after we'd driven by one side of the field and turned on the adjacent road and had driven almost the whole other side of the field, we saw the most amazing thing ever: an orange longhorn that was standing by itself on a little hill!!! I wanted to take a picture, but by the time I got my phone back out and had opened the camera, the longhorn was long gone :( 

My husband was driving a little slow too, but since we weren't on a back road anymore, he couldn't drive too slow or stop so I could take the picture :((  It really was a once of a lifetime (would-be) picture, but at least we have the memory :)

When we got to the restaurant, my husband was a little unsure of what to do and asked me if this was really where I wanted to eat. Even though he was uneasy, he still gave Genghis Grill a try :) 

It was a little funny: when we got to the meat, he was really uneasy and told me he didn't think he was going to like the food, because "I like my food cooked...."! Hahaha! I assured him it would be cooked when he got it and even though he looked even more uneasy, he trusted me and kept going :)

The only problem we really had was at the end, when we got to the sauces: my husband struggles with english, so he didn't know what was in any of the sauces and looked at me really confused. I picked some out that I thought he'd like and fed them to him, but most were a miss until the "Dragon" sauce! It was a total knockout and he loved it!! Since we both love garlic, I added a bunch of the roasted garlic sauce and went to give our bowls to the cooks, and my husband was so happy to see that he could have rice with his meal XD Since he's from Pakistan, he has to eat rice with every meal or he gets cranky, and kept asking me if I was sure he could get rice lol 

There was a little nervousness while we were waiting for our food, after I told the cook that I'm deathly allergic to citrus... and he didn't understand me even after I told him in two languages :x 

My husband ended up being my hero and tasting my food to make sure it was safe for me to eat πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

As for his view of Genghis Grill... it was love at first bite :) Literally! He took one bite and immediately came up with a namesign for the restaurant! :D

I'd been wanting to see The Shape of Water, so my husband said we could go see it after we ate!! 

Unfortunately, after we were done eating,  we had an hour to waste and I wasn't sure what we would do in that time. 

There was a bookstore nearby, but bookstores are like going into another dimension for me and I just lose track of time, so I decided against it. We ended up deciding to drive around looking around, it was so nice and we held hands and just talked the whole time :)

When it was time for the movie, we were really excited to see a movie with a seemingly Deaf character who signs!! Unfortunately... the movie was totally not what we expected :< 

Lambie jumping into the gift bag!
But I'll make another post about it to fully go into the movie, everything I liked and also what I definitely could've lived without :)

After the movie, my husband dropped me off at home and surprised me with a big bag of gifts that he'd hidden in his car! :D 

We kissed and he waited for me to get safely inside before leaving since it was dark <3 

I couldn't believe how giant the teddy bear he gave me was! He was so big, he didn't even fit in the bag and was just laying on the top of the bag haha! I'd been looking at him at the store, but at the time, it looked normal-sized, probably because all the other bears were the same size :p

It also came in a really cute, romantic gift bag! The first time he's ever given me a non-masculine gift bag :D I was a little nervous since his gifts tend to be a little hit and miss, but every gift was amaaazing this time! He gave me two bottles of White Diamond 😍😍😍 this amazing perfume I'd been wanting for a long time, but wasn't sure if I could pull off! I absolutely love it and have been wearing it almost everyday ever since!!!

He was even really romantic, and gave me a cute pink shirt that said, "I love to love you ❤" X3 HOW ROMANTIC!!! I've been wearing it every night to sleep in! :33 

In the end, this was the best possible Valentine's Day ever, especially for a first time together :) 

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