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Evicted by Lisa Frank!

I'll admit that I'd never heard of Studio Mucci before today, but after I saw her tweets and found out what was happening to her and her husband, I was so shocked and apalled, I had to write about what's going on and hopefully help bring attention to what's happening. 

Edit: would like to add that Amina later posted updated information later on that explained that her and her husband were struggling to make ends meet last year and were regularly being late paying rent. She was diagnosed as autistic in 2017 and found things very difficult and hard to deal with. 
There were times we needed to pay rent late. They pretty much have accomodated every late payment as we ultimately always paid our rent. 
She explained this was due to her struggling to deal with her autistic diagnosis and how this resulted in the couple struggling financially. 
Throughout this whole period of paying the rent late the manager said they wanted to work with us and they didn't want to us evicted because we'd been there so long. However, the last time we needed to pay late but were refused. The manager completely changed his attitude and went from being accomodating to being threatening and totally unreasonable.
While I admit that I can definitely see the similarities between the two apartments, I have to admit that constantly paying rent late isn't a good idea and I can see why the landlord seemingly suddenly got frustrated and decided to evict them. Since they were only communicating and dealing with the manager and not the landlord, it's very likely the landlord was getting increasingly aggrevated but the manager just wasn't communicating this to them.

Here is her update: (it is very difficult to read, because of the background and text colour)

So first off: who is Studio Mucci?

From what I was able to find online, her name is Amina Mucciolo, a youtuber that is the queen of all things cute and adorable and as well as making videos, she also has an etsy store where she sells homemade tassles. 

So what does this have to do with Lisa Frank? And why are they trying to have them evicted?

Back in 2016, Amina shared pictures of her gorgeous and one-of-a-kind apartment called Cloudland and the pictures very quickly went viral. 

and for good reason: her apartment is 😍😍😍

Since then, she's worked with various brands and built her own online persona. Unfortunately, this seems to have brought some very unwanted attention namely Lisa Frank who seems to have decided to blatantly rip off Cloudland's overall design for their hotelroom.

I was scrolling on twitter when I saw this tweet 

In it, Amina tells her followers of a very upsetting situation: her landlord has refused to accept her and her husband's rent money and is trying to forcibly evict them. He specifically told them they had to get out before October and even threatened them that if they tried to fight this he would "make it impossible to rent anywhere else"! She also goes on to say that she's fearful for her future, which is completely understandable considering her landlord's threats and actions. While she initially was just going to sell clothes to try and get enough money to move, after October rolled around and Lisa Frank announced plans for their hotel room, her and her husband were shocked: the designs and general layout of each room were rip offs of her apartment! 

Suddenly, it all made sense.

The apartment where the Lisa Frank hotel room is planning to be in is the same apartment as Amina and her husband live in. And considering the huge similiarities between the two apartments, it's more than a little obvious that her landlord had decided to try and force the couple out so he could cash in double by using her apartment as a second colourful room for tourists. 

So, just how similiar are the rooms? Take a look for yourself:

The similiarities were so big that Amina was tagged in posts showing the hotel room as well as asked if she'd had a hand in the design. While I'm sure Lisa Frank will never come clean and admit to their bullshit, I think it's more than a little obvious that they were definitely "inspired" by Amina and her colourful and amazing apartment. Lisa Frank has currently not released a statement or comment on this hot mess, but has and it's not just a complete waste of space:

Yeah, no. Their response/apology is basically 'sorry you feel this way, but we disagree.' A little internet sleuthing reveals that is working with Lisa Frank to bring their totally original 100% not copied idea to life with their hotel room. I'm not buying it and by a lot of the responses I saw, neither is most people either. I get that and Lisa Frank have probably spent a lot of money into this hotel room, but surely there was some money in their budget to hire Amina as a consultant or something? Why did they feel the need to act super fishy and rip off her colourful and fun designs? 

I strongly suggest everyone speak up and spread what's happening! They tried to bully and silence Amina, but they can't silence all of us!

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