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Birthday Outing~♡

Sunday was my birthday and I was more than a little excited and nervous saturday night since it was going to be the first time my Darling would be off on my birthday! The previous two years, we celebrated it the day after since he's a huge workaholic and normally forgets to take time off. After four years not taking any time off at all, he had a crazy amount of time piled up so I decided to take matters into my own hands and went and put in three days off for him! 

I remembered how he was always sad that he couldn't spend our anniversary or our birthdays together. Whenever I pointed out the obvious: put in for those days off so we could be together and he didn't have to be sad anymore. Of course, he always agreed to do it later before getting so busy with work that he forgot to do and the cycle began again. Well, this year I decided I didn't want to bother him and then have him forget so I went in and put in for his birthday. 

Do not EVER go to Royal Restaurant in Houston!!!

When he saw that he was off on his birthday, he was so surprised and the whole time we were celebrating and having fun on his birthday, he kept telling me how much fun it is to spend your birthday with your partner. He had so much fun that I went in and put in for us to be off on my birthday too and I was so excited and curious as to how we would spend it and what we would do :3 I spent the whole night before too excited to sleep and so the next day, I was pretty sleepy but my excitement kept me awake.

I did my make up and I was really feeling my look~♡ I tried to do a multi-shade eyeshadow, but in the end, it just kinda looked like all one shade ^^; But I had fun doing it and that's all that matters!

Once my Darling came and picked me up, we were off~ πŸš—πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ 

I'd asked him if he would take me to this pakistani restaurant he'd taken me to before three years ago before we started courting. It seemed like such a good idea, but it ended up being an awful experience :c 

Our beautiful view

We got a nice table and ordered goat korma with daal chawal and paneer tikka masala and garlic naan and everything was pretty good! We were eating and talking and everything seemed ok except I noticed there was nothing but men in the restaurant and they were all giving me dirty looks .__.U At first I tried to ignore it and told myself it was just my anxiety acting up, but then I started to hear women's voices and laughter come from the room on the other side of a big wall. I realised the restaurant was segregated by gender and my Darling and I had unknowingly sat in the men's section. I brought it up to him, but whenever he looked at the men in the section we were in, they would just look away or look at the cricket match on tv. He just told me that there was no reason for men and women to be separated like that and we weren't doing anything wrong and it was my birthday so if they didn't like it, they could come tell him something, because we weren't moving. 

It made me feel a little better to know he was supporting me even though it seemed like a ridiculous thing for him to have to support me on, but the looks and the stares made me very uncomfortable. Near the end of our meal was when awkward and uncomfortable went to absolutely awful: I was enjoying the food when all of a sudden I saw something moving very close to my face!!!! I looked down and saw a roach crawling out from under our table!!! I was completely freaked out and jumped up and started screaming at my Darling. At first, he didn't see it but then he got up and saw it crawling along the side of the table and then!!! It started crawling on the top of the table and I totally freaked out. He swatted it off the table with his napkin and stomped at it until he killed it and then kicked it under the table next to ours after I refused to sit down with it lying dead next to my chair.

As if that was bad enough, there were two women waiting for their food at the counter and once I sat back down, I saw that they were laughing at me. The men at the other tables were laughing too and it really upset/angered me. I mean, what the fuck?! Why were we the only two that cared about the roach that was all but dancing all over our table?! The staff didn't even seem to care and there was even a waitress at the table behind us and she didn't even blink! Afterwards, I was so upset and grossed out, I didn't want to eat anymore and we ended up leaving soon after. 

Our beautiful view

After that awful end to our lunch, we got back in the car and I was feeling a little down. But I was in for a wonderful surprise: I never got out before my Darling and I became a couple and one thing I love is looking out the window while he drives us around πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°. I know it might sound a little silly, but it's really the highlight of my week when I get to see new things and new places. I don't really know my way around really anywhere outside of my small town, but my Darling is a city boy and he is amazing at driving! Since he's Deaf, he can drive with one hand (although I don't know how he does it) and it's so nice to hold hands while driving~♡ 

Knowing how much I love driving around and looking out windows, he decided to be super sweet and drive us around for almost four straight hours!!! It was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done! We spent the whole time holding hands and talking while I got to look out the window as we drove through different towns and cities. At one point, we had to stop and get gas and I went and got us some snacks and drinks~♡ Then it was back on the road! πŸš—πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

We drove for around two more hours before he somehow got us back to my small town and dropped me back at my house x3 I know it probably doesn't sound like much, but I really loved it and it was one of my most memorable and fun birthdays ♡

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