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πŸ’ž Thoughts On Love: 2 πŸ’ž

Back in February, I made a post sharing some of my thoughts and feelings on love and I asked if it was something you guys would be interested in becoming a mini-feature. A few of you said yes so after a while, I'm finally following it up with Part 2~♡ If you like this and want another Thoughts On Love, please like and comment to let me know~

I think it's important to give each other little gifts to show that you're thinking of each other or just to show that they crossed your mind. It doesn't have to be anything expensive! My Darling buys me flowers once a month and while it's only $15, it really makes me feel completely overjoyed and loved. Every time I see the bouquet, it makes my heart go wild and there's no doubt in my mind that he loves me. On the other hand, I tend to shower my loved ones with gifts and I hope he knows how much I love him too, in sha Allah πŸ€²πŸΌπŸ€²πŸΌπŸ€²πŸΌπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• I know sometimes the gifts I give him are a little unusual, like last week when I bought him deodorant, because I liked the smell. But I try to look at it as me saying, 'I saw this and it made me think of you' or 'You were on my mind today'.

Another thing that's really important in every relationship is communication and making yourself open for one another. I never want my Darling to tell me he didn't feel like he could bring a problem or frustration up to me. I always want him to feel like no matter what happens, I will always be there for him and he can bring anything to me ♡ I'm not going to lie, it was a little rocky at first and we've had our ups and downs, but I feel so blessed that our relationship is getting so strong and I fully believe communication is why. If one of us misses a call from another, we make sure to call the other back as soon as possible. Sometimes, with work and how hectic life can get, it can be a little hard at times, but I try to be understanding and patient.

Date night~πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ We might work at the same place, but that doesn't mean we see each other all the time or get to spend eight hours a day together. It can be difficult, especially when I work morning shift and he comes in right when I'm leaving. But we always try to get together once a week and get lunch or dinner or just drive around and hold hands. It doesn't always have to be something that requires money for you to spend time together ♡ One of our favourite things to do is drive around and look at nature and old-fashioned houses. And the whole time we're driving around, we hold hands and the whole car feels like it's full of love.

'I love you' is one of the most important things ever! For the first year or so of our relationship, I felt extremely upset and insecure in the relationship and for one simple reason: Whenever we talked on the phone, I would always say, 'I love you', but My Darling would never say it back. It really hurt my feelings and made me so unhappy. Yet, I never told him how it made me feel til it all came out one day and he was shocked and told me he had no idea it made me feel like that. That day, he told me how much he loved me and said he would always say 'I love you' back whenever I said it. It's been almost two years and he's kept his word ♡ All my anxiety and insecurity has completely gone away and we always make sure to tell each other how much we love each other. No matter how upset or angry we are with one another, we always try to say, 'I love you' before hanging up. I would strongly recommend this since it helps ease the tension and I believe, strengthens the relationship ♡

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