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I Fainted From The Heat

It's not even June and the temperature is very quickly rising and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight. While summer is always the most difficult time for me due to my hypoglycemia. I've known for a while that the heat affects my sugar and can cause it to drop at a moment's notice. Normally the very beginning is the worst when the temperature is just beginning to get hotter than I'm used to. The heat and humidity is normally so strong it feels like it's squeezing all the air out of me. Although, normally it's fine as long as I'm inside, I'm fine, unfortunately the other day at work, for whatever reason, the air conditioner was off.

It was almost 90°F with 60% humidity and you can only imagine how awful I felt walking around outside on my way through the parking lot to work. Walking across the seemingly never-ending black top, I could barely breathe. It was like the heat was suffocating me, and I wasn't sure how much more I could handle. Normally, the store is very nice and comfy with the air condition set to a temperature that's not too cold. I figured that once I got inside, I'd instantly be cooled down and able to relax, but once I got inside, I was more than a little shocked: it was barely cooler inside than outside! Everyone was sweating and huffing and puffing and with the building being made entirely out of concrete and brick, the heat inside was even more overwhelming than outside.

I had a tube of glucose tablets and I'd gone and gotten myself a bag of pistachios in case my sugar got low, so I figured I'd be ok. Two hours in and I was feeling very dizzy and light-headed, but I was able to sit down and ate and took a glucose tablet. After a little break, I was feeling a lot better and decided it would probably pass. For around another hour and a half, it seemed like I was right and I figured the rest of my day would go by uneventful. I went to do something and almost fainted right in the middle of the store, but somehow managed to catch myself (rather unsteadily though). I told my supervisor what had happened and she let me sit down and try to raise my sugar back to a healthy level.

Yet, despite taking two more glucose tablets, drinking a Pepsi and eating almost my entire bag of pistachios, my sugar was still dropping. I knew it was due to the unbearable heat, but I wasn't sure what to do. I was sure that if I were to try and stand, my legs would almost certainly give out and I would fall and probably knock myself unconscious. But at the same time, I couldn't just sit on the bench for the rest of all time. My Darling was off and since he lives all the way in Houston, I knew it would be out of his way. Still, since I'm the only one at work that has his phone number, if I were fainted no one would be able to reach him. So I worried my lip and called him only for his roommate to answer instead!

He told me my Darling had gone out to the laundromat and I should call back in an hour or two. I explained to his roommate that it was very serious and a medical emergency and asked him to go get my Darling, but this awful man just told me to just wait for him to get home and hung up! I was both shocked and furious and wasn't sure what to do, if I called back, I was pretty sure the roommate would just hang up. So I waited about twenty minutes and then called back, but got no answer. I almost felt like crying, I needed my Darling and his roommate was an awful barrier keeping us apart. After what felt like forever, my phone rang and my Darling was on the other end asking what had happened and if I was alright. Almost in tears, I told him what had happened and asked him to please come.

Once he came through the door, I instantly felt relieved and I knew everything would be alright. He came over and offered me his arm to help hold me up in case I needed it and unfortunately I did. As soon as I tried to stand, my legs went out from under me and I would've slammed my head into the concrete floor if it wasn't for his strong arm wrapped around me. He grabbed me as soon as he felt me falling and held me up before gently lowering me back down on the bench. He went and got an electric trolley or at least he tried to, but he was too light for it to start. If I hadn't been so poorly, I would've laughed but instead, I sat there unable to get up and stared at him while he tried trolley after trolley. Finally, he figured out he had to scoot up a little closer to the front and drove it over to me and held me up again and helped me on the trolley.

For the next hour or so, he kept a close watch on me, feeding me and making sure I was alright. He stepped away for a minute to do something real quick after he got my food and after waiting for a little, I made my way over to the breakroom only for him to show up a little after me in a right mood. Apparently, he'd come back much faster than I'd figured and when he couldn't find me, he went searching for me through the entire giant store going mad with worry. When he couldn't find me, he realised where I must've gone and having finally found me, snapped at me in frustration at me for not staying put. I just looked up at him and didn't say anything and he instantly softened and sat down next to me and told me in a sweet tone to eat.

We sat together and talked and the whole time, he watched me carefully and asked how I was feeling. It seemed like I would get better until I suddenly threw up everything I'd just eaten and I almost fainted right there on the spot. Again, his arms grabbed me and held me until I could get my footing and he finally convinced me to go home and rest. He took me to my car and made sure I was safely seated inside before he put up the trolley and told me he loved me and to take all the time I needed before driving home. After maybe ten or twenty minutes, I felt well enough to drive the less than five minutes to my home and was able to fully rest.

It was definitely an awful experience, but I feel so blessed and grateful that my partner is such a loving and sweet man that he would drive three cities over to be there for me. I thank Allah (swt) every day for bringing us together and blessing me with such a loving and kind man ♡

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