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My Darling's Birthday πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

You might've noticed there was no updated Monday, and I'm happy to tell you the reason was because it was my Darling's birthday and we were out all day celebrating πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Although we've been together for two and a half years, it's actually the first year we've spent the day together as he's always been busy with work the past two years, something that has always made me really sad. So imagine how happy and excited I was when I found out that this year we were both off on his birthday!!! x3 I started planning and researching restaurants and places we could go after trying to find the best places to go to make it a memorable and very happy day, in sha Allah. I originally thought about going to a wing place, but after seeing a lot of CMs for Dave and Buster's and talking to all my friends and researching it online, I decided to go there instead since it said that it was a very fun place and also served wings (my Darling and I are both fans lol). There's one in the outside mall, so I thought it would be a really nice evening since we'd also get to enjoy the nice walk through the trees and flowers to the restaurant :3 

The view is always nice~
When we went, I drove and he just sat in the passenger seat and enjoyed the view, although we were both disappointed that the cows near the mall weren't out like normal. 

It was actually pretty funny when I parked in the movie theater parking lot and then took him to the entrance to the outdoor mall, because he was expecting to go see a movie and then was like, 'Where are you going?!' when I headed towards this dumpster haha! I told him it was a surprise and when we started walking by a bunch of flowers and trees, he was really amazed and asked me if there was something hidden behind the mall. I just smiled and told him to wait and see and wow! His face when we turned the corner and he saw all of the restaurants and stores was so amazing :) He really had no idea that all of that was hidden there the whole time!! I told him that there was music coming out of the flowers, but he just thought I was joking or trying to be funny and didn't really seem to believe me (I guess since he couldn't see the speakers). 

While I led him to the Dave and Buster's, it was really nice with sunny weather that wasn't too hot and with a nice, gentle breeze rolling through too. His head was going side to side and I could tell he was trying to soak everything up and was enjoying himself as much as I was to see him so happy πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘  

I'm not gonna lie, it was a little confusing at first since neither of us had ever been there before, but after I went and asked the receptionist what to do, she was really helpful and even gave us a little menu to help us decide what to do. He was busy looking at all of the sports memorabilia, but I was happy just seeing him smiling and beaming from ear to ear. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ When I told the receptionist that it was his birthday, she yelled, 'Happy birthday!!!' and when he (obviously) didn't react, she looked really uncomfortable, but after I told her he's Deaf and wasn't ignoring her, she actually asked me how to say 'Happy Birthday' in asl and signed it to him, which really made it even more special! :3 

Birthday Boy enjoying his meal!
We had a really fun time eating and just talking while also watching the giant tv full of every kind of sports footage and news possible (though no captions, which was kinda awkward with the interviews and stuff). 

The food was really yummy too! At first, we were just going to get wings, but after looking through the menu (which had plenty of pictures so he could easily pick what he wanted), we both decided on spicy chicken tacos for him and grilled salmon for me :3 yum! yum!

Since he has two full time jobs, it can be a little difficult for us to spend time together and just be a couple, so it was so nice to spend an entire afternoon just be goofy and silly. 

After eating, we got a playcard and decided to go play some of the games >:3 I was actually super excited, but honestly, he wasn't that into the arcade part of the restaurant OTL. But we played some games, including him learning what Mario Kart was LOL!!! We mostly played sports-related games like skeeball, football and basketball throw and omg! It was so amazing! I know that he used to be a professional athlete, but I was still so taken aback at how good he was at every single thing! We mostly played Connect Four, but it was so much fun!! He'd never played it before, so after I showed him how you played it and how to win, he really liked it and we played a few games :3

Maybe an hour or two of playing games, we decided to leave; I could tell he wasn't really into most of the games (though he was now a Connect Four CHAMP lmfaoooo) and asked him if he'd like to bowl. He got super excited and told me that he would love that, so we left and walked around the outside mall a little while longer just holding hands and kissing :3 It was so nice and I felt like the only girl on the whole world πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

He was definitely curious where we were going since he didn't know of any bowling alleys nearby, but I had been thinking of just going to Main Event instead of Dave and Buster's, so I was both excited and super happy. When we got there, he was a little confused since he'd never been there before, but followed me inside and when he saw all the bowling areas, his whole face lit up :D He's a very avid bowler and even used to be on a bowling league, so I can only imagine how happy he was!!

We ended up bowling for an hour and almost fit in three games! It was a little annoying tho since the waitress who got our drinks kept staring at him like he had two heads or something!! We normally tip really well, but we didn't tip her, because she just kept giving him really dirty looks and it was making both of us mad. Main Event actually took pictures of us and used them in animations after every round, which was so cool!!!! I wish I'd gotten pictures or videos of it, but we were just having so much fun that we didn't take a lot of pictures. 

Any time is raspa time!
On the way home, I decided to take him out to a popular rasperia and got him a Chamoyada :3 He loves strawberries and likes chamoy, so I figured it'd be a nice treat for him. I got a Mangonada and we shared both of them together and it was such a nice end to our birthday date x3 

I also surprised him by presenting him with a dogflower arrangement I'd made him the day before >w< I used to be a florist, so it was a very nice and enjoyable thing for me to do since I very rarely get to work with flowers since changing jobs six years ago. 

And After!!!!
Of course, I'd told him that I used to be a florist and know how to make bouquets, arrangements, boutineers and everything else, but I think it's one thing to be told, 'yeah, I can totally do that' and actually being presented with an arrangement your fiancee made for you. His face was definitely surprise and amazement when I pulled out this good-sized flowerdog, but it just made me feel so happy and warm inside. 

Hello everyone!
It took around two hours to work on and it was definitely a little labour-intensive since it can be a little annoying setting everything up and getting everything ready (it was around six hours to get everything ready and in place), but when I saw how happy and excited he was, I didn't even care and just felt pure joy and happiness.

He really loved his flowerdog x3
All in all, we had such a good day together and I'd like to think it's a birthday he won't forget anytime soon, in sha Allah. Just want to wish my Darling a happy birthday again and may Allah (swt) bless him with many many more happy years to come and may he bless him with a year full of happiness, success and good health, in sha Allah. 

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