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Kuma Crafts! Too Cute! Must Have!

I think everyone can agree that they are in love with both Sailor Moon and all things cute, me especially, I mean come on! My name is Cutie Hijabi! So when I saw that there was an awesome person making both extremely adorably cute necklaces and accessories that also included a line Sailor Moon-inspired items, I was absolutely over the moon!!! I just had to have one! And since it's also near Christmas, I decided it was perfect since my niece is also a huge fan of cute things, but is very insistent that she needs something unique that everyone else at school doesn't have :3 

On the website, it tells you that orders are made to order and will ship around two weeks after your order (give or take a few days), which was no problem for me since I love supporting small businesses ❤ When my order arrived, I was completely over the moon!! Not only are the items super cute (even cuter than they looked in picture, if you can believe it!!!), but they are absolutely breath-taking and I can't wait to order more items in the future, in sha Allah!

I placed my order on November 17th and it shipped on the 30th, before arriving on December 7th, so all in all, it took around three weeks in total for my order to get to me, which considering that everything is made to order, is just wow! Talk about speed and convenience!!

My items came wrapped up nice and snug in two layers of tightly-wrapped bubble wrap with this cute business card, with the store's name on one side and their social media profiles :3 So if you're considering buying, but worried about if it'll get to you in one piece, I can tell you that there's no need to worry! :D

Once I unwrapped it, I found not only the two items that I ordered, but a bonus item!! I was completely amazed and excited to see it, since it was super cute, but something I don't think I would've ever ordered for myself, despite me loving it wholeheartedly!

The two items that are ordered are the heart-shaped necklace with Usagi's blanket design and a necklace that looked like the bows on the Sailor Scout's uniforms :3 The third item, the bonus one is a holographic alpaca! So while it's super cute, it's unfortunately, very difficult to get a good picture of, since all pictures seem to appear blurry no matter how focused my camera is, which is annoying :[

Up close pic of my necklace~
I've worn my necklace for almost a week now, although I haven't worn the alpaca pin, despite me loving it! And just wow! I knew it was cute and adorable to my eyes, but I wasn't expecting all the compliments from both coworkers, customers and friends! At least once a day someone comes up to me and tells me how much they love my necklace wanting to know where I got it! I think at least fifteen people have become fans of Kuma Craft on instagram and facebook and said they'll order something as soon as they can, in sha Allah!

The only sad part right now is that Kuma Crafts is currently closed til sometime in the new year, in sha Allah, so for now you'll have to wait to order any of their cute necklaces and accessories :3 but you can look at their current items on their instagram page and although it might seem a little sad or annoying to have to wait, think of it as more than enough to look through everything and decide on the perfect item you want  

If you want something that's both extremely cute and unique, then Kuma Crafts is the place to order it from! I know I'll be ordering from it in the future, in sha Allah!

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