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Amazing New Boba Tea Place in Friendswood 😍

I've always been a big fan of bubble tea, but was always disappointed at there being no places relatively close. Normally, if me and my friends wanted some we'd have to drive twenty to thirty minutes 😩! It was out of the way and seemed like a waste of time and gas, so I would just go without ☹πŸ’”. 

Then, the other week, I was stopped at the light and was so surprised to see a teahouse! I made a mental note to try it later and wow!! I'm so glad I did πŸ₯³! It was so good and it's my Darling and I's new place for tea!

Indooe sitting area

The whole interior is so nice and peaceful

Their logo behind a comfy chair

Namastea is a nice little teahouse located in a little mall and while it might look a little plain from the outside, it's a total different story once you go in ♡.

The whole interior is painted pastel pink with a little area with chairs seated facing one of the windows and more seating outside. One wall has fake grass with the store's name and there are two comfy-looking recliners too. And if bubble tea isn't your thing, they have many more teas to offer including a variety of loose leaf (which you can even buy if you like how one tastes), iced tea, masala chai and cafe sua da. 

Unsure of what to get or about one of their teas? They actually have little containers of each one that you can open and smell to get an idea about what the tea will taste like. I thought that was cool and haven't seen that at other places. 

Containers of teas to smell and see what you like

All of their popa and pearls they offer

What happens if you're sitting there with your friends or partner and feel a little peckish? They have a whole selection of sweets including macaroons, cookies, cake balls and ice cream! It's like they designed this place to have a little something for everyone. 

Yummy-looking sweets πŸ˜‹

I'll admit that while I've been a fan of bubble tea for a while, my Darling had never heard of it until recently. He tried some of mine and it was love at first sip~♡ While he loved the tea itself, the pearls freaked him out a little so when I go and get us drinks I always get his plain and everyone there is always really nice about it. I've been served by a different person each time and everyone was really sweet and nice, which is definitely another reason to go back.  

Their selections of teas available for purchase

If you want a really good cup of bubble tea and also want to support a small business, check out Namastea, I'm sure you won't regret it! 

10/10 would 100% recommend πŸ‘πŸ»

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