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One of my favourite animes ever!!! My Love Story!!!!

I'm sure most people have either heard of or seen pictures or clips from My Love Story (Ore Monogatari) and I bet you've asked yourself if it's over-hyped or not. The answer, from my personal opinion is absolutely not!!!

It might sound a bit weird, but I first heard of this anime from my dad when there was only one or two episodes out! I don't remember how he came across it, but he came up to me one day and told me I absolutely had to watch this new anime called My Love Story and told me it was the best thing he'd ever seen in a long time and "I know you'll love it!!!" so of course, I had to look it up.

And just like my dad said: I was hooked and needed more.

So what is My Love Story about?

Takeo-kun on the left and Sunakawa-kun on the right
It's about a first-year high school student named Goda Takeo, who is the total opposite of a normal shoujo manga/anime protagonist. He's a huge, muscular guy that's not considered attractive by any of the girls at his schools and actually scares a lot of people with his strength and physique. His best friend is Sunakawa Makoto, who's a bishounen guy that all of the girls at their school (and all their previous schools) are in love with. Takeo-kun and Sunakawa-kun are best friends and grew up in the same apartment complex, and while Takeo-kun originally wonders if the reason they're best friends is because of how close they grew up to one another, he ends up admitting that they're more alike than they seem and share a true bond and friendship.

Every scene in this anime is amazing
The anime and manga tell the story of how Takeo-kun and Sunakawa-kun start their first year in high school and, as the title implies, tells the love story that blossoms between Takeo-kun and his girlfriend, Yamato Rinko. The story starts off with him saving her from a groper on the train on the way from school, after he and Sunakawa-kun realise she's been sexually harassed! Not only does he save her from the groper, but he also helps her file a police report and even makes sure the guy can't escape. There's this awful moment when the groper admits he did it, but then says that Yamato-chan "asked for it" because of how short her school uniform is!!! What a creep!!! Takeo-kun ends up getting so angry at what he said that he punches him into the wall, and although he ends up being suspended from school for a week, Yamato-chan deeply appreciates what he did and thanks him. This is where he assumes that he won't see Yamato-chan again and they go their own separate way, but this is not the end!

Yamato-chan ends up showing up to his home and bringing him cake as a way to thank him again for saving her and although he gets happy at first, he figures that she's in love with Sunakawa-kun like everyone else, and feels a little sad. When she leaves again, he once again feels like this must be the end of things, only for him to find a pink phone under one of the pillows on the floor and it turns out to be Yamato-chan's!! She asks him to please meet her at the park the next day to return her phone and he feels so happy and excited to get to see her again.

From there, they start to become closer and he decides that if she really is in love with his best friend, he doesn't want to see her get hurt like all the other girls that have been rejected in the past and decides to help her win Sunakawa-kun's love. They exchange numbers and even start to text regularly, something that really shocks and overwhelms him at first (he can't get over how cute and emoji-filled her text messages are). One day, they meet at the park alone and when he tries to tell her how great of a guy Sunakawa-kun is and how he'd make a great boyfriend, he's shocked when she starts crying and runs off!! Immediately, he goes to Sunakawa-kun's place and asks what Sunakawa-kun could've done to make her cry only to be told that Yamato-chan is actually in love with him and he's so shocked, that he at first asks him if he's confused about who she's in love with. But Yamato-chan ends up coming over right after and after hiding under Sunakawa-kun's bed, he hears her tell him that she's upset and crying, because she thinks Takeo-kun was turning her down and she confesses her love for him!!!!

He comes out from under the bed and they both confess that they've been in love with each other from the first day they met!!! 💏💏💏

The rest of the story covers the ups and downs of their relationship: from Yamato-chan's insecurities to Takeo-kun saving them when they get lost in the jungle, as well as other everyday events such as meeting Takeo-kun's parents and studying for their entrance exams to try to get into the same college. I think it's definitely one of the cutest and most heartwarming anime ever. The thing I really loved was how no matter what happened or how much people tried to break them apart (including a rival who flat out tells Takeo-kun that he's going to steal Yamato-chan, because "I'm a better fit for her"!), they both admit that they love one another and that nothing is going to end their relationship. I really loved that unlike other animes that tend to have ups and downs where couples break up, both Yamato-chan and Takeo-kun love each other so much that not only does this not happen, but you also believe that they're truly meant to be.

The cutest couple ever
One of my favourite parts of the anime is how funny and expressive Takeo-kun is!

Seriously. His expressions are the best thing ever!!!
I think one of the reasons I love it so much is how much Takeo-kun and Yamato-chan remind me of myself and my Darling 👩‍❤️‍👨👩‍❤️‍👨👩‍❤️‍👨 my Darling is a lot taller than me and is also really dense when it comes to a lot of things, especially my feelings (although I'll admit he's getting much better at correctly telling my emotions apart). One episode that really struck a chord with me was when Yamato-chan introduces Takeo-kun to her friends only for them to be really confused and admit they really can't believe he's really her boyfriend and that they just don't get what she sees in him. I've had people say the same thing, as well as much harsher and meaner things to my face or behind my back regarding my Darling, so to see things from both perspectives was really powerful for me. The other thing I love is how Takeo-kun is both a strong rock as well as soft and understanding 💓💓💓

If you want to check this anime out, it's available on Crunchyroll and I'm sure you can find the manga online too :3

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