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Otterbox Saved My Friend's Phone!!!

As the title suggests, I've got a really crazy story for all my readers, and I can 100% promise that this is totally true and after almost a week of hearing it, I'm still a little shocked and still can't believe it 😳!

I'd like to say that this is not a sponsored post and I don't even have an Otterbox (tho I've been considering it since hearing this story lol), I'm writing this post, because it's so crazy and amazing in my mind.

So...? What happened? And how did an Otterbox save my friend's phone?

Around a week and a half ago, my friend couldn't find her phone after work so when she got home, her husband tracked her phone and figured out it was at work! The next day, she went to work and used his phone to track it only to realise with horror that her phone was in the baler!!! 😱😱😱 In case you don't know, a baler is a machine used to smash and compress cardboard or plastic into giant bales!! Not only is everything put inside smashed down every time the machine gets too full, but once the whole thing is completely full: everything inside the machine is wrapped in metal wires and smashed and compressed even harder until it turns into a giant bale that's taken and left outside in the rain and everything else.

Obviously, this was the absolute worst case scenario imagineable o.o and my friend was absolutely shocked!! She called her phone and it was still ringing despite already being smashed at least once. She went to one of our managers and told them what happened and asked if there was any way to get her phone out of the baler, but unfortunately :c since the baler had already been turned on at least one, it was already buried under a bunch of cardboard and the manager basically told her, 'your phone's already dead'. 

This is the monster that ate my friend's phone 
Every day afterwards, she would call her phone on her husband's phone and it kept ringing!!!! Finally, one day she came to work and found out the bale had been made :O!!!! She quickly asked to call her phone and it rang! She explained to the department manager what was up and this time, he told her to go ask the store manager if she could get her phone out. When she went and told him what happened and begged him to please let her get her phone out of the bale and explained it was still ringing and somewhere close to the top of the bale, she got the go ahead! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ 

The department manager had to use this giant cutters to cut through the thick metal wire to get to the cardboard below. Luckily, they only had to cut two wires, so the entire bale didn't fall apart. Going through the layers of cardboard, they kept calling it and digging before they were surrounded by a pile of cardboard. The department manager told her to call it before digging any further and when they called it the last time, it turned out the phone had already been excavated and was somewhere on the floor with all the discarded cardboard!

An example of what they had to dig through to rescue her phone from a cardboardy death

They dug around a little and found her phone! Now was the moment of truth: she opened her case (she has one of those wallet-type case) and... her phone was completely untouched!!!! Even without a screen protector, there is especially wrong with the LED or any scratches at all! It's been a week or so and there doesn't appear to be any damage whatsoever! 

Honestly, I still think Otterboxes are ugly, I have to admit this has really made me consider getting one just because if my friend's phone can survive being crushed and smashed multiple times by the baler, I'm sure my phone could survive anything if it was in an Otterbox. 

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