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My fiancé was discriminated against

I've mentioned before that My Darling is Deaf, but I'm not sure if I've mentioned how he was previously discriminated against simply for being Deaf. Thankfully, almost everything that happened was years ago, so I naïvely thought it wouldn't happen again. I mean, it's almost 2020 and how could it be possible for people to still have these backwards points of view? It's true we've gotten some kind of hurtful and ignorant comments in the past, but they were always far and between so we always chalked it up to a random bad apple. Sadly, I got a flury of text messages and a phone call from My Darling extremely upset over something very infuriating that happened to him and one of his friends. 

My Darling isn't someone that gets upset easily or needless complains and whinges so when I saw all the texts and got the phone call and listened to how upset and worked up he was, my jaw dropped to the ground and I felt my blood starting to boil. 

So what happened? 

As you may or may not know, it's very difficult for d/Deaf people to find jobs since so many places see d/Deaf employees as an annoyance or too much work and many companies will only hire d/Deaf people for one single position and not make this knowledge known. Because of this, my Darling and his friend went to a store where one of their friends works and asked for an application or for the website where they could submit one. As my Darling's friend speaks very little english, my Darling went to help him explain he wanted an application and later, to help fill it out. 

Instead of being given an application or the website to go fill one out, they were screamed at, had paper (think printer paper) with words scrawled on them shoved in their faces, were screamed in their faces and their signing was mocked by this person waving and swinging their arms all over the place. Obviously, they both got very upset and worked up and repeatedly asked this employee to stop and just communicate with them via pen and paper and to stop shoving the paper in their faces. Instead, their requests were ignored and they were continuosly discriminated against and mocked until they got so upset that they walked away to cool down.

After calming down, they went back and again asked in writing for an application or to be told where they could submit one online and were met with the same disgusting response. At this point, a different employee walked up and saw what was going on and went and got the store manager who immediately put a stop to what the first employee was doing. My Darling and his friend tried to communicate via writing what was going on but as their english isn't that good, they weren't able to get across what they were trying to say. Thankfully, the store manager asked them to wait and called for a certified interpreter who came and they were able to report this employee for discriminating and mocking them for being Deaf and refusing to treat them with basic decency or respect. 

The store manager apologised and said the employee would be reprimanded and he had an application printed out for them and again apologised on behalf of the company. 

It's been three days since this happened and it still seems very surreal and unbelievable. I just don't have any words and the thing that really upsets me is that this kind of behaviour is still happening. How is it possible that only one single person came to help? There must've been dozens of people that may not have seen what was happening but definitely heard it. My Darling is still very upset and worked up and I just wish I'd been there to give this person a piece of my mind and jump all over them. 

I would like to ask that if you ever witness someone discriminating or mocking d/Deaf/hoh people to please step in and support the person being discriminated and make sure to call out the bully. If someone had just stepped in sooner, my Darling and his friend wouldn't have been forced to endure almost thirty minutes of being disrespected, discriminated against and mocked. 

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