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McDonald's Sent Me to The ER 😷😷😷

The past few days, I haven't been updating any of my social media pages and while, some of you must've wondered why I was so silent, I'm sorry to say it wasn't a normal mini-hiatus like in the past. I was in bed sick with fever and vomitting and unable to keep any food down at all while waves of nausea kept washing over me. After almost five days of sickness, I feel blessed to say I'm finally beginning to feel much better and am finally beginning to eat solid foods again, alhamdulillah!

But what exactly happened?

At the place I work, there's a McDonald's nearby (a hop, a skip and a jump away, as they say) and I, like almost all of my co-workers, would go multiple times a day to eat or just to get a drink or to just sit in on my break. I thought nothing of it and felt very content and comfortable at the restaurant. I'd noticed that the food had changed in the way it tasted and I also began to notice that my stomach seemed to get upset more often, but I figured it was due to work-related stress or other excuses. Unfortunately, over the course of a few weeks, it became increasingly apparent that it was the restaurant that was making me sick. The coke-area began to have a sour odour hanging around it and I even began to see flies all over the back wall.

Two weeks ago, I got lunch there and an hour later, got sick and had to go home after vomitting and almost passing out. At the time, my Darling came to help me and I wondered if it was the McDonald's that had made me sick, but it'd been very hot at work so I couldn't exactly be sure. I went to eat there a few days later and felt fine, so I figured it was just a coincidence I'd gotten sick from eating there earlier. Then, Saturday morning, I got breakfast (an egg and cheese biscuit) and not even ten minutes later, I became violently sick. I began having extremely painful abdominal pain that was so bad, I almost passed out from the pain. I was also vomitting and couldn't stop for longer than ten minutes at a time.

I stubbornly tried to stay at work and felt determined to work my full shift and go home and rest, but as the pain got increasingly worse and more frequent and the vomitting got worse and worse, I realised that I was being foolish and playing with my health. I called my father and told him what was going on and that I was going to go to the nearby Memorial Hermann, he told me to stay at work and that he would come pick me up. He was worried I might pass out while driving and after he pointed that out, I immediately agreed and waited for him.

After he picked me up, I was so glad he'd insisted on driving me as I drifted in and out of consciousness on the way. I could only imagine what might've happened if I'd tried to drive myself! 

I shudder to think!

We're blessed to have a Memorial Hermann in my town that has an urgent care that has everything imagineable you could need, including an ultrasound and an MRI! Because of my pain and vomitting was so severe and because I had been drifting in and out of consciousness on the ride over, my father had decided to take me there so we wouldn't have to wait too long. Alhamdulillah, I was seen right away and they took my blood pressure, which was high, and temperature, which was a low fever. Normally, if I go to the doctor's office, I just sit at the edge of that exam chair they have you sit on, but this time, I was in so much pain, I just laid all the way back.

A doctor came in to see me and after checking me out and hearing what was going on, he told me what I should've guessed right away: I was suffering from food poisoning. But! He also told me I had two other diagnoses: non-infectious gastritis and colitis. I was more than a little confused and scared, but he explained that the pain I was experiencing was my stomach and guts cramping from the bacteria from the food causing inflammation throughout. I was prescribed anti-bacteria and nausea medicine and told to keep a very special diet until everything cleared up and went back to normal.

My father took me home and I spent the entire day in bed, unable to even keep soup down. I slept on and off and spent a few hours laying in bed listening to an audibook, because I felt much too sick to watch tv. I forced myself to go to work the next day, but got even sicker than I'd been the day before and had to spent the next day in bed the whole day. I'm finally beginning to feel almost normal again, like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm still very cautious about eating solid food and I don't know if I'll eat very much for a few more days in case I get sick.

I ask everyone to keep me in their prayers and duas and I ask Allah (swt) to grant me shifa, in sha Allah.

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