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🌞🌞🌞 Past Few Days, Little Outing 🌞🌞🌞

Like I've mentioned, the past few days have been really difficult and I've been struggling with my depression; apart from work, I didn't leave the house for five days. It was definitely getting a little bad since I didn't even know what the weather was like, and I felt stuck in a slump. Depression is different for everyone, but for me it feels like waves just hitting me one after another and it can feel like I'm drowning no matter how hard I try to keep my head above water. Finally, I decided I had to get out of the house and do something besides go to and from work, so I got up and went on an expotition, although I wasn't fully sure of where I was going to go at first. 

I didn't really go that far or spend that long out of the house, but I could feel my mood massively improve and I can't help but wonder why I didn't drive around sooner. 

I decided to go out and eat since it was lunch time, but also as a little treat to brighten my day up a little :o) I was going to one of the cities that border my little town and it's got plenty of shops and restaurants so the only problem I had was deciding where to go and after a little driving around, I decided to go to Genghis Grill. It's my favourite restaurant, though since it's in a different city, I don't go there very often, so I found myself getting very excited :3 

It was pretty empty too which made it even nicer! :D

Since the restaurant was mostly empty, I got a whole corner to myself and the whole restaurant was very nice and quiet ❤ I mostly ate in peace and talked to my best friend over Line and I was lucky since they were having a special so the prices were lower :D I stayed for around an hour just enjoying the meal and being out of the house and when I was done, I was happy to see that the weather was still very bright and sunny without being too hot, which is definitely a rarity in Texas. 

I was done eating, but since I didn't want to go home yet, I stopped at the mall and just walked around a bit to get some exercise as well as just walking around and looking at everything. There's a big sweet shop in the mall that has its name painted in massive letters that are around six or seven feet tall, and I always like to look at it since the wording and calligraphy always reminds me of the shops in Harry Potter. Maybe next time, I'll take a picture! My Darling doesn't really seem to mind if I go shopping or drive around for a few hours, but since I still live at home and my parents are very against me leaving the house at all, it's a little difficult for me to get out and about. But, I imagine that whenever we move in together, it'll be much easier to leave the house, though if I'm being honest, it seems very weird that I'd be able to leave whenever I wanted. 

I did stop at Yankee Candle and smelled all of their new scents, though I'm sad to say I'm not a fan of any of their Easter scents :c I liked a lot of their "vintage" scents that they brought back! I especially liked the strawberry candle :) I have to say that my favourite new scent was Blush Bouquet, and I decided to treat myself and buy an air freshener and Scenterpiece in the scent and it really made me happy ^--^ 

I really love Yankee Candles, though I normally buy my Scenterpiece scents online since they normally have a deal where you can get 4 for $12 as opposed to $6 for one. But since I wanted to cheer myself up, I decided to get two scents irl so I could use them later tonight :3 Normally, I can spend half an hour to an hour in the shop just looking at all the different items and products and smelling the different scents and looking at the personalised candles, though I have to admit I've never had one made. 

Afterwards, I just walked around the mall for another half hour or so before I decided to go home, but I didn't take the quickest route home and instead drove around a little to look at the nature and forests around town. 

Whenever I go out with my Darling, he always likes to just drive around while holding hands and looking at old-fashioned houses and nature, so it's become something that feels familiar and reassuring and it really helped boost my mood even further

Beautiful mural in my town!

Something else that's been cheering me up is the beautiful bouquet that my Darling got me last week :3 πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ I don't know why since I'm always too shy to ask him for much of anything, but I randomly got it in my mind that I wanted some flowers ^^U I'm so shy about asking for things that I act like a total creeper and just stare at him in silence til he turns around or looks in my directions and asks what I want. I ended up staring at him while he was on break with his friend and just stared at his back for five or so minutes til he turned around and asked what I wanted and I was so shy asking for flowers that I signed it too fast for him to understand what I wanted. When I signed it again (still at pretty rapid speed), he just nodded and said it was fine, and I was too shy/nervous to even look in his direction when he went back to work. Later, I switched doors with one of my friends since we both prefer the door the other was on and he came all the way to the other side of the store to give me the money for the bouquet :3 

He's colourblind and knows I used to be a florist so he says it's better to let me pick out what I want since I'll know which flowers are better to buy. He bought me a dozen roses for Valentine's Day that were absolutely beautiful!! Unfortunately, I could tell just by looking at them that they were starting to die :c and they didn't even last two weeks before they were completely wilted, so I can see what he means by him not being able to pick good flowers lol

These are the ones I got!

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