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I tried out Audible

For a while now, I've been listening to music at work to help pass the time a lot faster. It was really nice and it did make time go by a little faster, but somehow a three minute song seemed to last for hours and I didn't even think that was possible. I mostly listened to nineties or doowop, but after I changed positions, I noticed that time just really seemed to drag on indefinitely and the music was barely helping. One of my favourite youtubers is Jon Solo and I'm a huge fan of his Messed Up Origins series. If you watch his videos, you probably remember him starting them off with talking about Audible and sharing a link to get a free audiobook. After watching it for a few times, I decided to try it out and see if audiobooks would make work a lot more enjoyable. I'd heard a lot of opinions back and forth on Audible and how good or bad it was, so I was really curious what it was really like and if I'd like it. 

When I'd first gone on their site, I had that free audiobook and I really wasn't sure what book to get. It seemed like they had almost every single title I could think of and since I'd never listened to an audiobook before, I wasn't really sure if I'd like it or not. I remembered my dad telling me that the most important part of an audiobook is the person reading it and to always pick a voice you like and want to listen to for a while. With this in mind, I found it really good that most books had at least two different narrators to choose from (I was so disappointed to find The Great Gatsby only had one version and I didn't care for the narrator's voice at all). While I was looking through the different titles and versions of each, I remembered how much I wanted to read I am Malala, but due to my family being extremely islamophobic, I was too scared to buy a copy of my own. I immediately searched for the title and use my free credit to get the book and was so excited that Malala Yousafzai read it herself!!! 

Time at work passed by much quicker and at an almost rapid speed, and I found myself so enthralled by the book. I felt a little regret at not having read it earlier, but also a sense of security since there was no way for my family to find out I'd gotten a 'muslim book'. Obviously, I'd heard about Malala and seen her on the news and in newspapers, but to actually hear her tell her own story, it was such an emotional experience. The way she talked about the rise of the taliban and the way that her own hometown was taken over without anyone realising what was happening just left me speechless. I felt sad too, when I thought back on how her father had tried to warn everyone about what would happen only for everyone to tell him he was being paranoid. I wondered if any of those who had laughed at him had ever thought back on that day and regretted not acting.

Since my family shops at the store I work at, I sadly can't wear hijab and so I wear two bandanas instead. My hair is too long to just wear one so I wear one wrapped in the opposite direction so nothing is  showing. This ended up being really helpful since a bunch of people at work have bluetooth earpieces that they use to listen to music or answer the phone while they're working. Embarassingly enough, I never thought of this and used to just put my iPod in my hijab and hope it wouldn't fall out when I would listen to music! One of my friends showed me how to use the bluetooth and even helped me connect it to my phone! Because I had two bandanas on, it was easy to keep the little earpiece hidden from view though sometimes the bottom sticks out a little. 

I decided I would only listen to the audiobooks at work unless they were almost done, just so I could have something to look forward to at work everyday. It worked! Everyday, I would feel a little grumpy at having to go to work until I got there and remembered the book I was listening to. When I would start thinking about where I'd left off in the story or what the characters had said or done, it would get me excited and it quickly made work much more enjoyable Ever since I started listening to audiobooks, work has been much nicer ♡ I always used to read a lot in school and felt a little sad that I don't have as much time to read as I used to. Now, however, I'm able to get through between four to seven books a week depending on how long they are. 

I understand that audiobooks aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I'd really highly recommend them! If you'd like to try it out for free, I have my own link to get a free audiobook:
Not only do you get a free audiobook, but it also helps support my blog :3 

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