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Kira Kira's September Crate -- Honest Review

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know that I am IN LOVE with the Kira Kira crate! I've been hooked ever since my first month's crate and don't see myself canceling my subscription any time soon, iA. I personally believe you get more than your money's worth for the $25 you pay for: normally each box has at least five good-sized items and the shipping charge is included in the monthly price. I also love the little monthly magazine that comes with each box that includes cute pictures you or others post online under the hashtag #kirakira, which is both cute and also makes me feel part of a community :3

In case you don't know, each month's box comes the month after, so September's crate came the beginning of October. I was originally going to review it after a week of using everything, but decided instead, to go a whole month using the products so that I had a more clear and honest review of the items, rather than just a first impression. 

Keep reading to see each item and get my honest opinion of each :) 

The first item was a set of My Melody nail files. They were just too cute to use, and also since I have acrylic glitter nails, I can't really use them. I did open the package and feel them and they felt just like any of the nail files you'd get at the store here. They were half the size as a normal nail file, but their combined length would be normal-size for one. 

The next item was something called Hair Water Baby. The Kira Kira magazine said it's a spray used to help style your hair and help avoid frizziness, and it's supposed to be gentle enough to use on a baby's hair without damaging it. While I like how it makes my hair feel (it could just be my imagination, but my hair feels a lot softer from using it), I hate to admit it, but I really don't like the smell at all. I'll definitely use it until the bottle's empty, but I don't think it's something I'd buy for myself. 

This next item has become one of my go-to and favourite items! It's peach-scented hand cream and it is so moisturizing and hydrating! One of my favourite things ever is lotion! I am a total lotion addict and love putting it on my skin, especially hand lotion 😍😍😍 So imagine when I tried this new lotion and it instantly made my skin super soft and hydrated, not to mention the wonderfully refreshing scent~❤ It smells SO GOOD and like real peaches!! If you ever get a chance to try this lotion, I'd definitely suggest you jump on it and give it a try! My only downside to this lotion is that I'm not sure what I'll do once I run out 😭😭😭!

This is one of the items I absolutely could not use or even open the packaging due to its scent: I'm deathly allergic to citrus. Just the scent is enough to make me sick and can cause me to either throw up or my throat to close if it's strong enough. I did see the commercial that Kira Kira posted on fb, and while I really loved it and thought it was funny, I just couldn't risk trying this. It's a face mask that you put on in the morning to help you wake up and it's supposed to work in only sixty seconds (aka one minute). If Saborino ever makes these without the citrus, then I'll definitely give it a try. 

Has anyone tried these? If yes, how did you like them? Were they really refreshing? I'm curious as to if they really work as well as they claim! :3

The last thing is another item that's become a new daily favourite that I can't seem to get enough of! Unlike the Saborino face masks, these are lightly-scented wipes (kind of with a floral scent) that are supposed to be used throughout the day to help wipe off any dirt and grime that's built up throughout the day. I use it when I wake up, as well as when I get off work and I can't say enough about how great these are or how nice and refreshed my skin feels after using them ❤! I love that they come in a little travel pack so you can simply put them in your purse or bag and take them with you and use them wherever and whenever you need.

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