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To the bookstore~πŸ“šπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

I've been wanting to go to the bookstore for a while, but kept ending up putting it off since I was too tired of just didn't have the money to spend on books, but I finally decided to go since I remembered I had an old gift card and didn't want it to expire. I originally intended just to go for three books: Alice in Wonderland, Little Women and any book by Virginia Woolf, since I'd really been wanting to try something of hers as I'd heard a lot of good things from friends, as well as her reputation of being an amazing writer! :3 Instead, I ended up coming out with a big bag full of books ^^U 

It might seem a bit weird that I'd be on the look out for Alice in Wonderland, since it's a classic in children's literature, but I have something a little embarrassing to confess: I'd never read it! Of course, when I was younger, I wanted to read it, partially because everyone else at school had read it, but also because I'd seen the Disney movie and fell in love haha. So imagine my surprise when one of my older brothers told me that Alice in Wonderland was "far too advanced" for a child and was "only for adults" and told me that it was a much too mature and scary story for me to read. He was a big fan of the book and even had a special edition copy with gold endings on all the pages and bound in a big leather book, along with annotations describing everything in the book along with their "real meanings", so because of this, I ended up not reading it and instead stuck to Harry Potter (despite this also being a book that was supposedly "too advanced" for me to read :P). 

However, I'm happy to say that I've now finally read Alice in Wonderland along with Through The Looking Glass, and... I don't even know what my brother is on lmfao. Not only are the books anything but "dark" or "advanced", but I haven't the slightest idea where he got that it was "extremely mature"!! Although I have to say that I liked the first book more than the sequel, although I have to admit the sequel was a very well-rounded book. 

The next book I read was Jane Eyre, and it was SUCH a lovely book!! I absolutely adored it and read it night and day and it seemed to completely absorb me, since it was all I could of between reads, even at work! I can definitely understand how it was a best seller and why it still captivates people years later! The characters seem to jump out at you and you can't help but find yourself connected to Jane and her trials and tribulations! Her pain is your pain and her happiness and joy is shared and felt by you just as much as it was felt by her! I even lent it to my friend Veera as soon as I finished reading and she read it just as voraciously as I did, although I'm sad to say the book was a little torn up after just the two of us reading it :( I guess that's what I get for buying a cheap book! I'm currently looking for a nicer version, one with illustrations :)

I did end up finding a book by Virginia Woolf called Mrs. Dalloway, although I'm sad to say that not only did I not really like it, but I didn't even make it past the first chapter. I tried very hard to read it, but I just couldn't seem to get into it or any of the characters, and I simply couldn't get past the part with the carriage that "may or may not have contained the queen". I think I only got thirteen pages in before I found myself so bored that I just put it down and went on to my next book. While I'm sure that Mrs. Woolf is a very talented writer, I just couldn't help but feel like the writing in Mrs. Dalloway was very boring and it made me want to doze off.

The books I got :)
I moved on to Sense and Sensibility and wow! What a book! Even though it's a book set in a world so far from anything like the one I live in, I just fell completely in love with it! The way Jane Austen describes the surroundings and the people (although you don't really get detailed physical descriptions, their characteristics and personalities are described so well, it's almost as if you know them) was something that really drew me in! I was absolutely rocked by each twist and turn in the book and couldn't help but want to read more! I really understand why Jane Austen is seen as one of the best writers ever! I think being a woman, she can really tap into how we see things and how the world applies to us, along with how people expect us to act and speak. I told all my friends about how great of a book it was and they all vowed to read it as soon as possible and I would definitely suggest you do the same! It's a page turner as ever there was one!

The other two books I got where Sorcerer's Stone and Prisoner of Azkaban (my favourite Harry Potter book! although the movie was a let down :(), since I absolutely love the new art for the series! And let's be honest: you can never go wrong with Harry Potter! 

Another thing I'm rather guilty of is buying their overpriced bookmarks lol And I can certainly say I fell in love with these three: 

I love cute/funny animal bookmarks and sloths are one of my favourite animals so there was no way I could resist that cute bookmark!

All in all, I would definitely say it was a successful day~

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