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Scenterpiece of my Heart!

Who doesn't love Yankee Candle? Their candles and air fresheners for the home and car are amazing and the scents are so good that they just grab you and instantly make you a fan the first time you smell one of their scents πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

I've been a big fan since I found out Walmart sells the big tumbler and jar candles for $20! Imagine how awful of a shock I had when I first went to the actual store looking for candles and saw the real prices lol Anyway, a little while ago, I noticed these new kinds of wax warmers called Scenterpieces and was a little confused and wasn't sure what to think of it at first. The employee explained they were like normal wax melts, except that could be used multiple times and were no mess and easy to change and clean up. While I admit I was intrigued, I wasn't too sure at first since I've always been a candles-only user and it seemed a little bit crazy to be honest haha! However, the more I thought about it and looked at the warmers at the store, the more I started wondering if it really would be worth it and if I should give it a try. I decided to give it a look and that's when I saw that one of the warmers is $30, which was more than enough to stop me in my tracks, since I was already unsure of the whole thing, but since the semi-annual sale was coming up, I decided to wait and then jump and get a warmer and some scents and try it out and see if it was worth the initial cost. 

Frosty the Warmer ☃️☃️☃️
At my local store, the only warmers that were on sale were the Christmas ones, but I love snowmen and a good deal so hohoho☃️☃️☃️ I bought this cute little Frosty wax melter for $17 and some wax melts for $3 each and took it home, more than a little excited to try it out and see if I liked it.  The warmer is a good size, six inches tall and almost the same width, and I was well chuffed to see he came with a timer with three different time settings: three-hour, six-hour and nine-hour. The employee told me that each wax melt is good for a total of twenty-four use, so it makes sense that each setting is a dividend of twenty-four.  I also loved how cute it is! I saw online that there's also a cute penguin wax warmer, so I was thinking if Frosty works out, I might get that one too.

I was a little skeptical at first if it would really stay cool on the outside and be as strong as the candles were, but as soon as I plugged in I got a nice surprise: not only did it do both those things, it also didn't light up like most of the other wax warmers other places sell, which is something I dislike since I can't sleep with any light on at night (since it's flameless and has a timer, I decided to try it while I sleep to help to fall asleep faster). Since I got more than two scents (Lilac and Balsam & Cedar), and one of the selling points was how you can quickly and easily change scents whenever you want, I tried it out and wow! It worked! I didn't even burn my fingers either! 

At first, almost all the scents were sold out due to the sale, so I had to learn to love those two scents I got, only to find out I actually can't stand Lilac 🀒🀒🀒, so you can only imagine how much I was hoping for some more scents to be in stock. 
All of my scents!
When the scents finally started being stocked again, I bought three or four at a time to build up my little collection and what can I say! I'm totally hooked! I now have eleven different scents and it's something I use everyday :) One of the things I love is how much more affordable it is than the candles, while at the same thing, I think it's better than a normal wax melt since it's more usage out of your money since you can use it at least three times (if you use the nine-hour setting) as opposed to most wax melts being a one-time use only. 
Another reason I was interested in trying these out is because I definitely want to get my boyfriend into the whole Yankee Candle life lol but at the same time, I'm more than a little concerned about him potentially burning his place down if he were to forget to blow a candle out or fell asleep, so when I heard about these, it seemed more than perfect solution! Although, it was both funny and a little cringey how an employee told me one lady came in and got a warmer with some scents and after being explained and shown how exactly to use it, she took it home and then started a fire after she didn't take the plastic cover off, because "not once did you say I had to remove the cover, I thought it was an option" like ?___? Ma'am? Are you ok? After that incident, all the employees at my local store started telling everywhere whenever they bought either a warmer or a wax melt, "you have to remove the cover!!!". I found out about the lady and the fire after they told me this little piece of info and I said, "Well...yeah... I mean, who wouldn't take it off?" and was in for a surprise lol!

So far, most of the scents are still mostly out of stock due to the sale, but they're starting to bring out the new scents along with all the fall scents so I'm more than willing to wait for more scents to come out :3 I just recently got the really amazing two scents called Enchanted Moon and Tranquil Mist, which are kind of total opposites of each other. Enchanted Moon has a more woody kind of scent along with a little floral scent underneath and a strong earthy scent that's not overpowering at all and Tranquil Mist is a more softer scent with very strong earthy and floral scents so that it almost smells like a cologne, if that makes any sense. Both have become two of my favourites, but my all-time favourite would probably be Edelweiss. It's a cottony smell that's mixed with the scent of crisp air, if that makes any sense; whenever I use it, it smells like being in the open outdoors somewhere far from any towns or cities. 

If you're on the fence about wether or not to try these out or to just stick to the normal wax melts, I'd say give it a try as there are still some warmers on sale and just see if you like it or not. Like I said, I was really not into the whole idea at all, but once I tried it I was hooked line and sinker! I've had my melts for over two months and they're all still able to be used despite multiple uses each, which is something you definitely couldn't say for a normal wax melt! For the $3 price I paid (normal $5) is more than a price well-paid, considered I'm getting more than my fair share of use out of each one :)

I'm definitely going to go back and get that penguin!
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You will be mine >:3

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