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✨Kira Kira Crate✨ Honest Review~❤

Like everyone else, I've seen ads online for all sorts of crates for every kind of interest or hobby possible, but the ones that really got my attention were the Japan Crates (Doki Doki, Umai, Kira Kira, and the original Japan Crate). Each one promises different category of goods from Japan, from snacks to ramen and the Kira Kira crate promises a crate full of beauty products from Japan for $29 a month. Beauty products and make up is something I've always been interested in and it seemed really exciting to get to try products all the way from Japan, so I wondered if it was really worth it to subscribe. After a few months of seeing the ads and stalking their instagram, I finally decided to jump in and give it a try :)

my first crate!
For $29 a month, it made me a little nervous and anxious as I waited for my first crate to come in. I hoped that it would be worth the money and also hoped that the products weren't small versions like other beauty and make up crates have done in the past. So imagine how excited I was when the first crate came in and it was super heavy!!! What could possibly be in there??? When I opened it, I soon found out: 

Inside of the first box was a big bottle of toner that smells absolutely wonderful 💖💖💖 It has a really nice, refreshing mint scent that makes it even more refreshing and helps me wake up in the morning 😊😊😊 It also came with a little magazine that explains what everything is and how to use them, as well as pictures that customers have posted online, which I thought was a nice touch as well as very cool!

There were little wipes to help keep your hair from getting frizzy in the heat,
something that's super helpful in the Texas heat! Also cute Little Twin Stars blotting sheets to help keep your face from getting too sweaty or oily in the heat, as well as to keep your make up from running :) The only bad thing about the first crate is there was a lemon-scented shower gel that I couldn't use due to my citrus allergy, but I gave it to my dad who was more than excited to try it out and was just amazed that it came from Japan :D The crate also came with a menthol mask to help moisturize your skin while the menthol helps cool it and a bizarre little nose cleaning brush, which, I'll have to admit, I haven't used as it was just a little too weird for me. The rest of the items however, are more than amazing and have become a stable part of my everyday routine! The toner especially, has become something I love and feel like I can't live without! It's definitely helped clear up my skin and I even
believe it's made my skin softer ❤❤❤!!! The blotting sheets were more than helpful in this 100F+ heat with 60% humidity, since it feels like I'm melting faster than a popsicle in this awful heatwave. And I was more than happy to have those little wipes for my hair, since it has a lovely scent to it and keeps my hair looking nice :) 

Given the price I paid for everything and the amount of products I got, I was more than chuffed, but decided to wait and see what the next crate was like before I made a final decision.The waiting was the only downside as I looked at all the posts on instagram and facebook and got more and more excited to try out the new products.

Each crate takes about two to three weeks to arrive and you get an e-mail when it first ships, so that you know to be on the lookout, which is both expected and nice. There are four different subscriptions options including paying month by month or every six months and up to one year with everything bundled into one payment. If you're like me, the month to month payment is the easiest to afford, although one can dream of getting a subscription and only having to think about it once a year lol 

my second crate!!!
About a month after, my second crate came in and I was more excited than before, after seeing little sneak peeks of what was in it and the thing that I was most excited about was the cute little "Bub Bub Sponge"! It's pink and with a cute face and when you put some face cleanser in it, it foams up and is supposed to be very good for your skin as well as your mood :3 

The second crate came with just as many goodies as before, and just like the first crate, it came with a big bottle, but this time with a vitamin C toner instead of mint toner~❤. It also came with an aloe vera face wash that you can use in combination with the Bub Bub :3 and the coolest thing ever: a little package of dehydrated face masks that you add the Vitamin C toner. 

I was really excited to try out the face masks and Bub Bub sponge! I followed the directions on the package and in the magazine, I put the face wash into the bottom of the sponge, added water and squished it, but it was a little messier than I imagined and was a little difficult to get it really foamy at the top, but after a few times, it was a little easier to work. The little bristles on the top was really nice and felt good on my face and helped lather my face up :3 It felt like a little massage~

The next thing to try out was the absolutely coolest thing ever: the dehydrated face masks that were supposed to turn into full size masks after adding some of the toner to them. As a huge fan of face masks, this was something I had to try out for myself!
It has a cute heart shape!
First, I unwrapped it and placed it in the empty top portion of the dish it came in and then added the Vitamin C toner to hydrate it. It was pretty cool when it started to puff up, but it did take a lot of the toner and the mask was a little difficult to unfold, since it's a little more delicate than a normal face mask. It did feel nice, but that toner is really nice and moisturizing, so I expected it to :) While it definitely had the coolness factor, I don't think I'll be using these masks again and will probably give them to my niece to use with a toner or moisturizer from here. The last thing in the crate was a little face roller that's supposed to be good for collagen and cheeks. It feels nice, but I'm not really sure what else it's good for lol I was really happy that this crate didn't include anything with citrus in it so I could use everything and while the masks were a little bit of a disappointment, I'm sure my niece will love them and everything else was spot on and amazing! That, combined with all the stuff in the first crate, I can say with honest belief that Kira Kira Crate is worth the money and that you get more than your money's worth, especially when you consider that you don't have to pay for shipping on top of the cost. Can you imagine how much it'd cost to ship just one of those big bottles of toner! 😱😱😱

If you're a beauty lover and want to try out new and exciting products every month from Japan, you have to try this crate! It's absolutely amazing! While it's a little more expensive than other make up and beauty crates, you can't deny that there's a coolness factor since the items are from Japan and you can't deny you get more than enough for $26 a month ♡. You not only get things like toners or facemasks, you also get cute and helpful little gadgets to use! While the Bub Bub Sponge might seem a little difficult at first, after the second or third use, you've got it down. The Little Twin Stars blotting sheets were both cute AND functional and something we could all use since make up and heat just don't mix. If you're still on the fence about whether it's worth the cost or not, you can also subsribe for one month and then cancel if it's not what you want, but I'm sure you'll love it and definitely be waiting excitedly for your next crate 🙂🙂🙂

 10/10 would recommend

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