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Cozy Lounge--Hidden Jewel in Pearland!

View from outside

From the outside, this nail salon looks like any other strip mall salon, but I can assure that it is the very opposite of anything you can possibly imagine! Tru biz!

As soon as you enter, it's like stepping into a very ritzy salon in Paris or London: there are crystal chandeliers, waterfalls in the pedicure area, and hundreds of colours to choose from, ranging from acrylic, powder, nail polish, dip and other choices. With previous places I'd tried and been suggested, there was the same "make sure only so-and-so does your nails", which always made me quite nervous. However, with Cozy Lounge, every single person is amazing and talented and amaze me (and probably everyone else) with how stunning and beautiful their work is. Every single time I've gone, I've had a different technician and I've never had a bad experience❤❤❤!!! I'm very shy and still very nervous getting my nails done to past experiences, but everyone here is very understanding and helps me relax and calm down.  

Everything is sterilised and a lot is even used only once and you even see them open the package right in front of you so you know that there's no risk of infection, in sha Allah. When you first come in, you're greeted by all of the different shades and colours available, including a whole range of glitter nails in every shade and colour (my favourite!!!). In most salons, there are tvs to watch while you get your nails done, but there are none here. I'm guessing they decided to invest in all the colours and decor instead, which was a really good idea, in my opinion.

The pedicure chairs!
They also give you a card that you get stamped until you get 20% percent off your next visit (six or eight visits in) and it really adds up! For my first 20% off, I decided to a mani pedi and combined, it was only $56, masha'Allah! :O it was so amazing and it really made my day! 

It was my first time getting a pedicure and I was really nervous and slightly uncomfortable at first since my feet are partly deformed and I was really worried about what everyone might think or say, but I was really relieved when no one mentioned my feet or even seemed to notice :) They were just more careful with my most deformed toes and it really helped me feel relieved and I just felt all my self-consciousness about them just disappear, masha'Allah. I got the forty-five minute pedicure and it seemed like hours of pure relaxation :3 I'm allergic to citrus and they were really accommodating and made sure they didn't accidentally use anything that could trigger a reaction. 
Beautiful floral art on the wall!

While the interior is extremely classy and high-class, you'll be relieved to know that the prices are very reasonable and easy on the pocket, a refill is $35 and the cheapest pedicure starts at $25. The one I got was the forty-five minute pedicure and it included a shoulder massage, hot stone massage, sugar scrub, hot shoulder pad along with trimming, cutting and buffing your nails along with painting them for you ;3 The pedicure chairs have a built in massager in the back and it was just wonderful! Because of my feet, I suffer from awful back pain, and because my job involves a lot of standing, it was the best thing ever and I felt all my back pain just disappear.

 My nails after my visit :333

If you want to go to a salon where you'll be pampered and relaxed, while not spending an arm and a leg and having regret afterwards, I'd definitely recommend going to The Cozy Lounge!

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