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La Vie est Belle--WOW!

 La Vie Est Belle--Eau de Parfum 
~Perfume Review~

I'm really into perfumes in all ways: the fragrances, packaging, bottles, ads, everything. Something about it just really captivates me!! The problem is I (as I'm sure most do) tend to fall in love with the more expensive ones, the ones that give you heart palpitations when you see the price. 

So imagine my dismay when I found myself completely in love with the Lancôme perfume, La Vie Est Belle (Life is Good) and saw that a good sized bottle was $120!!! I smelled the Eau de Toilet version, but it just didn't smell the same and was still quite a bit of money for a bottle :( All I could do at the time was sadly walk away and wonder how to budget to get a bottle (as well as ask myself if it was something worth budgeting for). 

Some of my friends had gotten some perfume off ebay that were legit, and I was so in love with the beautiful, floral perfume that I figured it was worth a try. I went online to look, although if I'm being honest, I was quite nervous!!! I suppose everyone has this imagine of buying some "totally legit perfume!!1!" online only to get a bottle of coloured water and be out of the money spent. I made sure to check the sellers' ratings, reviews and how many of their past perfume orders turned out to be legit, before finding a bottle for $35 :O!!! It was a 3.4 oz bottle of Eau du Parfum too (or so it claimed :G), I looked at the sellers' ratings, reviews and past orders and it all seemed to check out, so I decided to take the risk and order a bottle. 

the bottle I received next to a normal 3.4 oz bottle for comparission
Two weeks later, the present to myself arrived in the post~ I was beyond nervous and excited as I was opening the box, and was so happy and relieved to find a giant bottle of perfume! It wasn't a normal perfume bottle, but instead was a tester, like the kind you'd seen on a display case at the store, it even had the word "Tester" along the bottom. But when I looked at it, I noticed the colour of the perfume was the correct shade for the EdP and I even saw a see through label on the bottom of the bottle that stated "3.4oz Eau du Parfum". Since I'd already tested the real stuff at the mall loads of times before, I knew what it should smell like, so imagine my absolute delight when I sprayed a little on my wrist and it smelled exactly like the expensive $120 bottle at the stores!!! 

I would definitely say it's always important to be wary of ordering perfumes online, and to always check the person who's selling it, but if you check things out as much as possible and keep your eyes on the lookout, it should be (hopefully) ok. Although, I don't think I'll be buying too many perfumes off ebay in the future, as it was just way too nerve-wracking!

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