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πŸ’Ÿ Kao Megrhytyhm Eye Masks--Amazing!!πŸ’Ÿ

For years now, I've been in love with these amazing eye masks from Japan, they're just the best! When I first started learning asl from my fiance (I grew up signing pse til around the age of seven), I noticed how badly my eyes would sting and hurt after an hour or two of signing. Just by chance, one of my friends posted a video on youtube talking about these eye masks that were supposed to help with eye pain or soreness and I decided to give it a try!

The masks come in five scents~
I was really happy to find out that the masks came in five different scents :3 My friend had used the rose scented mask, so I had to get that one and I'm also a huge fan of lavender, so of course, I got a box of those too! Since, it was my first time trying them, I only got two scents just to see if I liked how them.

When they first came, I was already excited to try them out, and the cute packaging only made me even more excited! The boxes and individual-masks come in a pastel pink packaging and the individual masks' packaging is about five by five inches, not too big, but also really comfortable to hold and handle. On the back of the box (and also each mask's packaging), it says that the masks are "activated by oxygen", which just means that they're good as long as you don't open them. I bought all of my original boxes five years ago and they're all still good, so nothing makes me happier than anything that has a long shelf life :)

The mask themselves are a light purple with purple and white polka dots and are very soft to the touch with little handles that go around your ears to keep it in place when you wear them. 

Once you open one, it isn't immediately hot to the touch, but instead, gradually starts heating up after a few seconds and then, once it reaches the temperature (40C/100F), it stays that temperature for a while before cooling down. 

It takes about thirty to forty minutes before it cools down and it's honestly,  one of the most relaxing things ever ❤! Normally, I wear my mask late at night while I'm in bed just as a final way to help my overworked and often, super tired eyes get a little pre-slumber relaxation :) It's definitely something I look forward to, but, I also use them during the day just to relax or de-stress while studying or just because. 

As you can probably tell, I absolutely LOVE these masks and not only that, but when I told my fiance (then, co-worker) about them, he was super interested and asked if he could try one out. And guess what happened? He loved them too!!  

My fiance works two jobs and as a Deafie who communicates via sign language, his eyes are always tired and sometimes, they even turn red from how tired and stressed he is and he absolutely swears by these masks!! Signing really takes a huge toll on your eyes and even after signing for eight hours sometimes, all it takes is one of these masks to make my eyes feel amazing and like I just got a full night's sleep in thirty minutes 😊😊😊 I've also heard that these masks are really good if you're using a computer or other electronical devices for long periods of time, and while I haven't personally used them for this, I totally believe it'd work. Basically, if your eyes are ever tired or overworked, these masks are for you!

10/10 Would definitely recommend! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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