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I'm a SUPERSTAR! Adidas Superstar Review~☆

I very rarely buy shoes, I only had two pairs before my husband and I became a couple and he doubled my amount of shoes on my birthday that year, something that has become a regular habit. Every birthday is celebrated with a new, nice pair of sandals, something that I always look forward to (even if his idea of "nice" sandal isn't always the same as mine). 

However, after I saw quite a few amount of female customers at work wearing a pair of striking black shoes with holographic stripes that immediately grabbed my eye--there was no going back. I kept peeking at the shoes whenever I saw them, and even hoping a customer would come in with a pair, just to get another glimpse at them!! Eventually, I asked a customer what kind of Adidas they were and finally got the name: Adidas Superstar.

My husband likes to joke that I'm part magpie, as I'm massively attracted to anything shiny, especially anything holographic! I normally laugh it off, but I definitely couldn't deny that the thing that really attracted me to the shoes was the shiny aspect of them. I partially dreaded showing a picture of them to my husband, because I knew he would immediately point out the shininess of them, and indeed he did... before agreeing that they'd look quite nice on me :) masha'Allah <3

I admit that I loved the shoes...until I looked up the price and saw they were $75!!! I was completely shocked! I knew they would be more expensive that the shoes I normally buy myself, but I'd imagined a price closer to $50 and even that price seemed exorbitant to me. Still, try as I might, I just couldn't get rid of how much I wanted a pair, my husband offered to buy me a pair, but although it was a nice sentiment, I just couldn't justify him buying such an expensive pair of shoes. So what was I to do? As I'm quite a worry wort, I tend to do my taxes as quickly as possible to prevent myself from forgetting to do them... and once I'd gotten my tax return, my mind once again went back to the shoes. Since it was my own money and quite superfluous, I finally decided to treat myself and buy a pair B3

Once my shoes came in the post, I can't deny how excited and happy I was, quickly unwrapping them to see if they were as pretty as the ones I'd seen on the happy customers at work. And I was more than thrilled to see that they were more beautiful and shiny than I'd remembered, now that they were up close and in my own hands.

The shoes themselves have a nice feel, not heavy at all, and I was happy to find

that they weren't made of extremely hard leather nor did they have a strong smell to them. Of course, the real test was the first time I wore them to work and saw how well my feet felt after a full eight-hour shift at work. My feet are partially bowed and half of my toes actually curl completely under my feet, which as you can imagine, causes extreme foot, hip and back pain, so obviously, extremely supportive and comfy footwear is a must! So I was more than nervous when I headed to work and even considered bringing my current pair of shoes in my backpack just in case things didn't work out, but I decided against this since the shoes were so expensive (for me), that I told myself they had to be comfy!

                       This was a decision I would live to regret.

At first, things seemed to be going exactly how I'd imagined: my shoes were super cute and I got lots of compliments from my friends and co-workers (and even my husband :3), however... three hours into my shift (not even the halfway point), my feet started to throb with pain x.x. It was ridiculously painful and even sitting down and putting my feet up didn't do anything to ease the pain. Once the foot pain hit, it wasn't very long til my hips and back started hurting so bad I could barely walk or even stand! Since my job involves walking/running for eight straight hours, this was the absolute worst thing that could've possibly happened :( Even with some ibuprofen and muscle-relief cream, the pain just wouldn't go away; luckily, I had a pretty slow day at work, so I was able to kind of slowly hobble around for the rest of my shift.

In the end, while the Adidas Superstars were super cute and flashy, for the price, it just wasn't worth it for me... there seems to be little to no foot support, and even if someone doesn't have a foot deformity, I think it would still cause discomfort at the very least. While I did try to break them in for a week, it just didn't help with the pain and discomfort at all and sometimes after just two hours, my feet would start hurting really horribly! My cute shoes mostly live in my room now and I only wear them if I'm going out for less than an hour :( I don't think there's much point buying nice insoles for them, given the price I originally paid, but if you really like the look of them and don't mind spending $100 for a single pair of shoes, maybe give it a try. I personally, wouldn't buy them knowing what I know now though.

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