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🌼Gardening Happiness🌼

busy working on my garden~

Today was such a nice and cool spring day that I decided to try my hand at gardening despite multiple attempts and failures lol :p

My all time favourite flowers are lupines and I've tried a few times before to try to grow some, but to no avail :( The past few times, I'd only grown them in pots, but this time I decided to try growing them in the ground, hoping it might
work this time!!! I'd previously gone to a nursery and asked the owner if she had any tips for growing lupines and she gave me some pretty insane tips, such as using razor blades to cut up the seeds and messing them up to mimic animals and birds eating them. 😓 I know I love lupines, but it was such crazy advice that I couldn't imagine actually trying it out, plus I was a little afraid ofvaccidentally cutting myself with the razor blades :x

I remembered seeing some "easy grow" Lupine seeds, but no matter where I want, I just couldn't find them at all! :( So I decided to take my chance with the normal seeds and hope for the best.

One of my brothers is really into gardening and has taken up almost all the available spots :/ so I really had to try to figure out where to plant my lupines and decided on a little spot next to the driveway, but I was a little nervous (still am) that it might not be enough space. Fingers crossed that my flowers won't grow too close together and strangle each other's roots 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽 !!!

The store I work at has a gardening section so I went over there to buy some soil, seeds, gardening gloves and a little shovel; I wasn't really that
knowledgeable when it comes to gardening, so I just went with MiracleGro since I know it's a really popular brand. One of my friends works in the garden section, so I went to go talk to her and noticed all the ready-to-plant plants and noticed there was even lavender! I really love lavender so I couldn't think of anything better to plant than something that was both really pretty and smelled amaaaazing 💖💖💖 And right next to the lavender, I saw a little rosemary plant and had to get it too!! I could just imagine how nice it'd smell together when they both bloomed :3 And of course, I picked up some lupine seeds!

I went back to try to start my gardening, but ended up having to spend an hour clearing away all the leaves, weeds and just when I thought I was done... bricks?_? Once I cleared away all the debris, I found out the reason (probably) why my brother had never used this little area for gardening: he put half a dozen bricks in the ground and just covered them up with dirt so no one would notice! Since they'd been there for at least a dozen, it really took a lot to even get them to barely budge and I ended up breaking one of my nails :'c afterwards tho, it turned out to be a blessing in
disguise! Since I used the bricks to build up the plot and also hope it'll help to keep the car exhaust from killing my plants!!!

First thing I did once I had everything set up was opening the bag of soil and double the depth of the soil almost twice as high, alhamdulillah! :D It already looked ten thousand times better just after doing this, since it gave the plot a really nice colour, as opposed to dirt muddy spot it was just a few minutes before :]

Next, I put these "Quick Start" pods that are supposed to help plants and seeds grow and bloom faster than on their own, in sha Allah! Since it was my first time gardening, I thought it'd be a good idea to give myself as much luck as possible at actually successfully growing something lol :p My dad is crazy good with gardening and once grew a tree just by planting a stick in the ground, me on the other hand...... not so much lol!

A good tip I learned about planting baby plants is never to plant them lower than the start of the plant (aka where the above part of the plant starts) or it'll die from "drowning" since it's just not used to be in the ground so deep.
Apparently, even grown trees can die by doing this! :O Sadly, this explains why all my past gardening attemps have ended in plant murder x.x

I was originally wondering how to get the plants out of the little containers they came in, so imagine my surprise when I saw "pot is biodegradable, simply plant in ground" written on the side! :D So cool! I had no idea that was a thing! Feeling a little relieved at the prospect of planting the lavender and rosemary now, I first put two of those "Quick Start" pods and then the pots in the ground on top of them and made sure to only bury them up to where the soil in the pots were.

After that it was time for the main attraction: the lupines! >:3c dug a little border around the sides of the plot, put the pods in the ground and planted lupine seeds all along the corners so that it'd be like a pretty little fence around my two herbs :] Once I finished all this, I put some of the "Bloom Booster Flower Food" in my dad's watering can and made sure all the flowers in the gardens were watered and I have to admit, I spilled a bit of the water from excitement at my future flowers!
It's been two weeks since I started my garden and I'm happy to say that my herbs haven't died :D but sadly, as of yet, there are no lupines that have sprouted at all :( My dad said it'll probably take more time for the seeds to start sprouting, but I can't wait til it happens! I wish I could speed up time a little lol but only for my garden, nothing else; I feel like Mei-chan in Totoro when she's waiting for the acorn seeds to grow lol!

Hopefully, my lupines will sprout soon, in sha Allah! I'll post more updates in the future, in sha Allah!

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